The Perfect Nature and Wellness Retreat at Club Balai Isabel

The “homey” feel Club Balai Isabel gives off to its guests is evident as you take your first step towards the resort.

“It was never meant to be a resort in the first place, but a residential community,” confirmed Nelson Terrible, the owner of Club Balai Isabel located in Talisay, Batangas

Named after Terrible’s  unica hija (only daughter), Club Balai Isabel is a residential resort nestled in lush greenery, right on the shores of the world-famous ecological wonder that is Taal Lake.

Club Balai Isabel’s world-class amenities and facilities complement its secluded location and calming ambiance. It has something for everyone, from watersports, refreshing dips in the pool, cabanas you can hang out to and of course the scrumptious dishes at its very own Terraza Cafe.

“Green surroundings, our pizza, our Bulalo, but best of all, being able to provide a place where families can really bond in a very homey, small town ambiance,” shared Terrible.

Earth-Friendly Resort

With its vision to be an ecotourism resort—which is evident with the sight of century-old coconut trees and different varieties of flora that welcomes your entrance—Club Balai Isabel also makes it a point that it  takes part in taking care of the environment by asking its suppliers to stop using plastic during deliveries and using reusable boxes or cartons instead. They are involved in sponsoring community initiatives on recycling and waste management and they have their own recycling and waste management center that they share with the town of Talisay.

“Seventy percent of the resort is devoted to greeneries, the lake which give the resort the illusion of infinite boundary, and of course the Taal Volcano—the iconic ecotourism destination,” explained Terrible.

Club Balai Isabel practices 100 percent waste segregation so they do not contribute to the waste in the town’s dumpsite. It  also has a water treatment plant facility, and practice zero carbon footprint movement by using local products as much as possible.

Every Balikbayans’ and Retirees’ Haven for Reconnection

There’s nothing more important to Club Balai Isabel than giving the best and quality service for its  guests and the community. They believe that good business is manifested in the happy faces and satisfied smiles of their guests, a sure indicationthat they have made good memories.

“One, [guests]  would surely feel good reconnecting to their roots, seeing their friends and relatives and reminiscing the good old days, not to mention that the experience will keep them grounded. Two, coming to the Philippines and spending a few weeks or a few months and for some retirees — for good — means a lot to the Philippine economy.   And more importantly, this would also mean a lot less Filipinos that need to leave the country to seek better opportunities abroad,” said Terrible.

When asked what will be the next big thing for Club Balai Isabel, Terrible said it would be medical and agricultural tourism. Health and wellness  — or generally living a simple life — are things people, especially the retirees, are looking for he said. With Club Balai Isabel, retirees can finally focus to what matters most in life —  slow down, smile and  appreciate the natural creations.

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