The Five Pillars of TIEZA

About the Tourism Infrastructure and Economic Zone Authority of the Philippines

TIEZA was created by virtue of Republic Act 9593 or the Tourism Act of 2009. TIEZA is responsible for implementing policies and programs of the Department of Tourism (DOT) pertaining to the development, promotion, and supervision of tourism projects in the Philippines.

Builder of Tourism Infrastructures
TIEZA brings development to areas with high cultural, historical, religious, heritage and/or eco-tourism values, helping shape a deep sense of awareness and pride for the Filipino’s traditions, natural bounties and uniqueness as a race. TIEZA restores and rehabilitates historical churches and landmarks, and construct tourism facilities in accordance to the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP).

Operation and Management of TIEZA Assets
TIEZA operates and manages tourist facilities from Luzon to Mindanao. These facilities offer services ranging from hotel and restaurant to specialized sports such as golf and scuba diving. TIEZA also developed partnerships with the private sector and with local governments in the management of some of its assets to empower them and their communities.

Designation, Regulation, and Supervision of Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZs)
TEZs lure private stakeholders to be shared-partners in tourism development. TEZs enjoy fiscal and non-fiscal incentives issued by TIEZA. Their investments will indubitably help create jobs and economic activities for the local communities. TEZs differ from Flagship TEZs in terms of the party initiating the process, the criteria employed, and the management of the projects. In Private TEZs, the applicant initiates the application while in a Flagship TEZ, the DOT and TIEZA seek out areas with tourism potential.

Collection of Travel Taxes
The travel tax is a levy imposed by the Philippine government on individuals who are leaving the country irrespective of the place where the air ticket is issued and the form or place of payment, as provided for by Presidential Decree No. 1183, as amended. The travel tax collection share of TIEZA (Travel Tax Collection distribution – 50% TIEZA, 40% CHED, 10% NCCA) fuels the priority tourism projects, activities and programs which are in sync with the Philippine Development Plan and the NTDP.

The new management of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) seeks to embrace the continuously growing and dynamic Philippine tourism industry by providing much needed infrastructures and facilities. TIEZA aims to fulfill this through its Five Pillar roadmap. The Five Pillars are guided by the TIEZA mandate and the National Tourism Development Plan 2016-2020 (NTDP).

Travel Tax Center
As one of the front liners for outbound travelers, the new TIEZA management is currently working on the overall renovation of the travel tax centers in the country, including posting of infographics on where the travel taxes go. In order to create a hassle –free payment scheme, TIEZA is also creating a fully-automated payment system that will be available online, or through payment to partner airlines.

Project D.R.E.A.M.S.
TIEZA is prioritizing the construction of high impact projects through the D.R.E.A.M.S. thrust– Destination, Restoration, Eco-sustainability, Agritourism, Medical Assistance, and Security and Accessibility. Project D.R.E.A.M.S. creates a Menu Board of tourism infrastructure projects which will encourage more tourism activities in the area.

Particularly, TIEZA is piloting the construction of strategically located, Persons With Disability (PWD)-friendly Tourist Assistance Centers (TACs) in tourism sites. The TAC will house restrooms, emergency assistance centers, police posts, charging and wi-fi stations, and tourism products as well. Tourism sites located in or accessed through bodies of water, will be installed with floating dock facilities. These floating docks will ensure easy accessibility and provide secure embarking and disembarking for tourists.

The agency is working on developing the TIEZA Assets through co-operation with the private sector. TIEZA will ensure the sustainability and the preservation of the cultural heritage of these properties as well.

Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZS)
TEZs are TIEZA’s key in creating an attractive environment for investors, thus after seeking clarification from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the BIR has affirmed that the incentives under the Tourism Act of 2019 may be availed by investors even beyond the sunset provision in 2019, or until the incentives are fully realized. This development which has encouraged more tourism investors, both local and foreign to come in is expected to generate employment, inclusive growth and national economic development.

Manila Cruise Port
Being the lead agency responsible for the construction and development of the cruise-dedicated port in Manila, and in other priority ports in the country, TIEZA is working together with the Cruise Tourism Development Committee (CTDC) in creating Philippines as a cruise-ready and cruise-friendly destination. Most recently, TIEZA signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for the feasibility study and formulation of a masterplan for the Manila Cruise Port.

Image: San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone, Palawan


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