Shielding Your Skin: A Guide to Picking the Right Sunscreen

With its tropical climate and plenty of sunny days, the Philippines requires excellent sun protection year-round. But not all sunscreens are created equal when it comes to withstanding the intense heat and humidity. Here are some tips for choosing a sunscreen that will keep your skin safe without being a sticky, greasy mess.

Go for Lightweight, Oil-Free Formulas

In hot and humid conditions, heavy, oil-based sunscreen tends to feel thick and suffocating on the skin. Instead, opt for lightweight, oil-free formulas that are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). Look for words like “dry touch,” “matte,” or “sheer” on the label.

Prioritize “Dry” Over “Sport”

Many assume sport sunscreens are best for hot, sweaty situations. But these are often thick and occlusive to resist running off during swimming or exercise. For daily Filipino heat and humidity, choose “dry” sunscreens instead – they absorb quickly with a natural, non-greasy finish.

Pick Powder or Sprays for Reapplication

Rubbing a creamy lotion over your face multiple times per day can feel unpleasant. Powder sunscreens and sprays are ideal for reapplying sun protection seamlessly without adding more heaviness.

Don’t Skimp on SPF

No matter how lightweight the formula, your Filipino sunscreen should always be SPF 30 or higher to guard against UVA and UVB rays. SPF 50+ is recommended for extended outdoor time.

Check for Waterproof/Sweatproof Claims

While not necessary for quick outdoor stints, waterproof or very water/sweat resistant sunscreens can be smart picks if you’ll be sweating a lot.

With the right sunscreen suited to the Philippine climate, you can enjoy the beautiful weather while keeping your skin healthy and protected.

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