Get Mapúa education from home through its fully online programs

Many Filipinos were able to successfully launch their careers as engineers and information technology (IT) professionals all over the world, backed by the quality education they received in their home country. As they continue to work hard and thrive abroad, a number of them have already started their own families.

As parents, among the priorities of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is to ensure their children’s future, and this includes getting them good college education. However, education abroad could be very costly, while sending their children back to the Philippines would entail significant adjustments.

Many prefer to give their children the excellent Filipino education they received, which enabled them to attain their professional and personal goals. With life commitments and location concerns that need to be considered, parents and learners can greatly benefit from schools and academic programs that offer flexibility while supporting their academic development.

Mapúa University, the Philippines’ premier engineering and technological university, addresses the dilemma of OFW parents by expanding the reach of its leading-edge education with its fully online bachelor’s degree programs in engineering and IT, offering the flexibility of “anytime, anywhere” learning.

These programs may sound entirely different from the traditional college programs and have you wondering about the quality of education they offer, but Mapúa’s fully online programs offer the same excellent quality of education the university has been known for. Following the principle of outcomes-based education, they are designed to attain desired student outcomes that will make their graduates highly competitive and qualified for the professions they are prepared for.

Learners who do not want to be constrained by geography and time can take advantage of the fully online programs’ asynchronous teaching and learning activities, which do not require real-time interaction between students and instructors. One can access learning content and course assessments at a time that best suits his or her schedule through Mapúa’s very own learning management system, the Cardinal EDGE.

With this self-paced learning, there are no regular schedules to keep up with for schooling. Academic requirements need not interfere with family life, work, and passion. This makes fully online programs ideal for those who are remotely abroad, working individuals who would like to finish college while continuing to earn, and professionals who are seeking another degree in order to shift careers or advance in their current jobs. They are also ideal for handicapped learners with challenges in mobility.

Getting assistance from the university will also be convenient for fully online students despite the remote learning setup, as Mapúa provides life coaches that act as advisers throughout students’ academic life. Life coaches closely assists on matters related to fully online studies, such as academic advising and enrollment, career advising and placement opportunities, goal setting, time management and social skills coaching, and other transactions with the University.

Mapúa University currently offers six Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-approved fully online undergraduate programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology. These programs follow Mapúa’s quarter system, and students may apply and enroll at any quarter in the academic year.

Mapúa’s efforts in breaking barriers in education through the use of digital technology has expanded its reach to learners all over the world. With its strong digital capabilities that launched a series of innovative learning solutions, Mapúa has become a leader in digital education in the Philippines and one of the most digital-ready universities in Asia.

With Mapúa’s fully online bachelor’s degree programs, the world-recognized Filipino education is now closer to your child, helping them earn their dream degree toward the attainment of their personal goals.

To learn more about Mapúa’s fully online bachelor’s degree programs, visit Applications for Academic Year 2021-2022 are ongoing. Applicants may apply online at

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