The Adventurous Fil-Am

Illustration By Eugene De Guzman

Being an adventurous spirit – you always step out of your comfort zone. You seek more than what meets the eye everywhere you go and you love taking risks. There’s nothing more thrilling to you than exploring what the world has to offer – especially the Philippines – your home. In exploring all that our beautiful lands and culture have to offer, you will start to discover yourself. Here are some things that you can do to get started on your journey:

Visit relatives you’ve never met
Yes, you read that correctly – go out of your way to reconnect with family members you’ve never met before but have heard so many stories about! It’s time that you got to know who this hilarious Tito and amazing cook of a Tita is, instead of always just listening to your parents’ endless chatter about them. You might find that in getting to know them you start to get to know yourself a little better because after all blood is always thicker than water.

Go sight-seeing
This is pretty basic but it goes a long way! To say that the Philippines is beautiful is a complete understatement. Make sure you stop to visit our various mountains, beaches, and landmarks to fill your adventurer heart with glee.

Live like a local
There’s nothing better you can do to reconnect with your roots than to live like a local! Get to know the locals in your area and immerse yourself in the Filipino culture. Ride a jeep to the mall, buy a “pamaypay” for this ridiculous heat, stop by the side of the road to get a taste of what street food vendors have to offer but most importantly – wear a smile through it all like a true Filipino

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