The Foodie Fil-Am

Illustration By Eugene De Guzman

Ahhhh food, the one constant in all our lives – the one that’s been with us through it all. Through heart breaks, movie marathons, hanging out with friends and our happiest moments in life, food has always been there to make the bitter moments bearable and the sweet moments even sweeter. Being a foodie means always pushing your taste buds to its limits and always trying new things! Where better to go on a food adventure than in the Philippines? With our exotic dishes and out of the box recipes your foodie heart will rejoice!

Kick it old school
Filipino dishes are best when home-cooked! I know, I know! Going to a restaurant seems more fun but authentic Filipino food like Sinigang, Adobo, and Dinuguan among others are best served at home. This way, the Filipino cuisine of your choice is kept classic. Don’t go for the modernized versions just yet!

Street food is a must!
Filipino street food is the best! It might scare you to try it at first but are you a true foodie if you never go out of your comfort zone? Put your taste buds to the taste and enjoy food from the streets – kwek kwek, fishballs, kikiam and so many more! Your foodie soul will be dancing and celebrating for sure.

Classic with a twist
Now that you’ve tried all the classic dishes and street food now is the time to try out the cool new restaurants around town that have their own twist to classic Filipino dishes. Chefs have experimented and come out the victor when mixing and matching different ingredients with our Filipino staple food like papaya sinigang – really, the possibilities are endless so make sure not to miss out and keep on munching!

Trendy food
Any true foodie knows that whenever there’s a new food trend you have to try it ASAP! Head on down to the nearest food spots and indulge with your fellow foodies! There are an abundance of new trendy eats around every corner here in the Philippines. You won’t be disappointed!

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