2019 Summer Fashion Trends

Summer has arrived in high temperatures and shades of gold, which means it’s time to augment your capsule wardrobe with new seasonal pieces. Some takeaways from the summer 2019 runways involve something lightweight, a touch frilly, and a splash of zest. Make sure you have these key looks in your radar to look your summery best.

01 Splash of Color

Your grade school art project turned high fashion, the tie-dye emerged as a fashion
favorite in the catwalk. Go for this print to give your outfit a psychedelic and totally ‘70s twist.

02 Cherry Bomb

Switch your florals for something more fruity. The cherry pattern has been making a renaissance and appearing everywhere — from clothes to jewelries to tech accessories. Give your basics a rest and consider a cherry print to make your summer outfit look more fresh.

03 Featherweight

One of this season’s trends is as frou-frou as they come. Designers reworked languid, smooth shapes with cascades of frills, crystal fringes, and fanciful feathers for a dramatic flourish.

04 Clipped

Let your hair take the spotlight with colors and sparkles. Hair accessories from clips in the color of rainbow to chunky barrettes with studs and pearls are all the rage these days to give your locks a bout of feminine flair.

05 Utilitarian

Balance fashion and function with boiler suits, combat trousers, and utilitarian jackets. Too stuffy? Worry not, loose jumpsuits both in pops of color and earth tones prevailed on the runways — giving you enough air to combat the summer heat.

06 A Bucketful

Fisherman or fashion? This retro hat is making a comeback to protect your head from the summer sun. Pick something with a quirky detail like ruffles or plaid pattern to make your outfit go from casual to stand out.

Ritchel Mendiola

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