Working Professionals in the Philippines have Better Work-Life Balance than Singapore and Malaysia

Monster Philippines launches its #WorkLifeBalance campaign to highlight the importance of prioritising a modern approach to work and encouraging employers to implement policies that promote a wholesome, complete and harmonious life.   

  • 41% of Filipinos feel ‘content’ with their balance between personal and professional lives.
  • 59% of professionals said having flexible working hours that are suited to their lives and needs is a key aspect of work-life balance.
  • 44% said their managers are supportive and understand that there is life beyond work

MANILA, 27 FEB 2019 — Filipinos have some of the best experiences of work-life balance in Southeast Asia, according to a new study by recruitment portal Nearly two thirds (65%) of working professionals in the Philippines said they are generally satisfied with their current work-life balance, although 28% said they would like more options to spend time with their friends and family.

The study found 41% of Filipino professionals feel ‘content’ with the balance of their personal and professional lives – significantly higher than employees in Singapore and Malaysia, where just 24% and 32% respectively reported feeling the same way.

The data was gathered from more than 1,000 respondents across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines as part of Monster’s #WorkLifeBalance campaign, which aims to explore working professionals’ sentiments around work-life balance and raise awareness among employers as to what aspects of work-life balance are most valued by their employees.

The major aspect of work-life balance for Filipino professionals is having flexible working hours that are suited to their lives and needs (59%). Beyond this, Filipinos want to be able to leave work on time (51%), while 47% say they simply strive to find the right blend between work and life.

On the employer side, bosses in the Philippines were more accepting of work-life balance, with 32% offering official flexi-work policies – this is more than double the numbers reporting the same across Singapore and Malaysia. An impressive 44% of Filipino respondents said their managers are supportive of them finding balance – once again trumping Singapore (23%) and Malaysia (31%).

Overall, almost half of respondents across all three countries rated their current overall work-life balance as “average, but could have more balance”. More than 80% felt good work-life balance can enhance productivity and positively impact the business.

“The Philippines is considerably ahead of its Southeast Asian peers in terms of fostering a workforce that is satisfied with the equilibrium between their professional and personal commitments. This has a positive impact on the business, increasing engagement and boosting happiness levels, which in turn encourages higher productivity and overall business growth,” said Abhijeet Mukherjee, CEO, – APAC & Gulf.

“A supportive company culture, understanding managers, and clearly communicated initiatives go a long way in helping employees cultivate better balance. As more professionals seek non-financial incentives, employers need to be proactive in taking necessary steps to attract and retain quality talent.”

Online recruitment platform is launching its first #WorkLifeBalance campaign this March, aiming to highlight the the importance of ensuring that professional responsibilities do not overpower other aspects of the lives of employees, and to encourage employers to formulate policies which promote a wholesome, complete and harmonious life.

Please see this infographic for a full breakdown of the survey findings.

About #WorkLifeBalance
surveyed more than 1000 professionals across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines about their #worklifebalance, or ability to live a wholesome, complete and harmonious life. The survey was conducted in each market to understand what working professionals defined as ‘work-life balance’, as well as the various obstacles which lay in their way of achieving #ACompleteLife.

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