8 Millennials On Why They Switched To A Plant-Based Diet

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With light finally being shed on the ethical, environmental, and health issues that the meat industry brings to the table, greater awareness is spreading worldwide. which is driving more individuals to consider or fully take on a plant-based diet. According to livekindly.com, vegan-related searches on Google increased by 90 percent in 2016. A year later in 2017, 6 percent of the U.S. population identified themselves as vegan, a notable increase from 1 percent in 2014. The U.K. is now consuming 50 percent less beef, Portugal’s vegetarian population grew by 400 percent, non-dairy alternatives take up 40 percent of dairy products, and the demand for vegetarian food has increased by 987 percent worldwide.

There is no doubt that plant-based diets are going mainstream globally and studies say that the demand will continue expanding.

In their own words, 8 young Filipinos share why they decided to make the switch.

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