9 Tips To Add Meditation To Your Daily Routine

Reduce your stress levels and calm your anxiety with meditation. Taking a few minutes out of your day to pause and meditate will bring awareness, mindfulness, and a state of deep peace when practiced regularly.

Though it may seem like living in the hustle and bustle of a city isn’t the most practical place to build a meditation habit, it’s much easier than you think and it’s where you need it most. 

Here are nine tips to incorporate a meditation practice into your daily routine.

01 Disconnect
Say “BRB” to Facebook, Instagram, and everything else in between for just a while and switch your phone to airplane mode and disable the WiFi. Meditating when your phone is sounding off to every message sent to your group chat is more than enough to distract you.

02 Seek A Quiet Space
Any place where you can be alone with minimal noise is ideal. Weather you’re inside your cozy bedroom or out in nature in your neighborhood park, less noise will benefit your meditation.

03 Invest In Ear Plugs
Let’s face it, not all of us are going to have access to a completely silent place all the time. Whether it’s the outside noises from the busy city or the sounds coming from inside of your own home, a pair of handy earplugs can help tune them out.

04 Stay Awake 
When it comes to meditation for beginners, falling asleep is quite common. So, if you ever find yourself doing just that, don’t stress out about it. The quiet and relaxing energies could easily make time for a nap. You can avoid falling asleep by letting a little bit of light enter your eyes.

05 Sit In A Comfortable Position
Try either sitting on a chair and sitting on the floor or on a cushion and decide what’s best for you. When sitting on a chair, keep your feet on the floor and your hands on your lap. When sitting cross-legged on the floor, your knees must be lower than your hips.

06 Find Support 
If your back feels uncomfortable and is in need of a little bit of support, you can always sit against a wall, bed, or cabinet.

07 Let Go
Make no effort to control your breath. Instead, focus on the sensation. Feel your breath as it enters the nose, pass your throat, fills you chest, and exits through the nose as well.

08 Play Mood Music
There are countless meditation songs and playlists on the Internet that are available for free download and streaming, so feel free to use this as a hack for concentration.

09 Try Guided Meditation 
Be guided every step of the way in your meditation by listening to a podcast made for exactly for just that. Experiment with podcasts or recordings online — there are many free resources on the internet — until you can find or create your own routine.

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