There’s so much going on isn’t there?

In our daily lives, we have our personal day-to-day responsibilities—to our faith, our family, our jobs, friends, projects, interests, and hobbies. Human beings are quite busy these days especially with how connected we are to sets of information and advances in technology.

You check your Facebook—you see your friends, colleagues, and family—they’re all so busy doing things (And if you don’t notice someone posting lately you think—they must be busy.). You check the news and see all of the things that are going on in the World and within your local community—there’s the headline—and then another story that looks and sounds like it should be a headline and then more top stories (which are quite abundant). And then there are even more sections of content and news of what’s going on in the World—from politics, science, medicine, travel, current events, technology, business, sports, food—you name it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, no? Every single second, minute, and hour, there’s something new going on—on the micro level of your local community, region, state or province, and country and so forth on to the macro—World news.

To process all of these things it amazes me how our brains are wired to process, respond, and react to all of the information in the split of a second. And within this processing, we multitask—we check our email while talking on the phone all the while we’re in a meeting, eating, or doing something in addition to in general (hopefully not while driving).

Those were the days of simple multitasking. We are now in the dawn of multi-multitasking which is exactly as it sounds—multitasking while multitasking—all at once—seeing, saying, writing, hearing, posting, eating, and responding all at the same time on a myriad of things consuming our attention. However, recent studies in pyschology suggests that only 2% of the human population can actually multitask effectively and safely—the other 98% are in fact decreasing their productivity.

I’ve been quite busy with a multitude of projects. With all of my responsibilities—they don’t stress, exhaust, or frustrate me—they inspire and fuel me. It truly makes me happy to be very busy. Each task of mine genuinely shares equal focus and attention.

With the number of goals we hope to achieve, try not letting the process get to you—don’t let the stress win or defeat you from reaching your ultimate goal. Even if you’re retired or well accomplished, you must continue setting goals and do all of them. Don’t stop, quit, or be satisfied—the World, the Philippines needs you accomplishing more. If you truly think about it, 24 hours in a day—that’s plenty of time. And if you’re a super-multitasker, it’s more than enough.

Roger Oriel

Roger Oriel is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of the Asian Journal Media Group.

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