60 Countries & 101 Cities

60 countries. 101 cities.

Think about that for just a moment. 60 countries and 101 cities. Our tagline isn’t simply about highlighting how our magazine is distributed all around the World—it’s a lot more nuanced than that. It’s about acknowledging how there are Filipinos living in so many places throughout our beautiful planet. Our great nation, comprised of thousands of islands has managed to send its greatest asset—and export—it’s people—to live and work in almost every corner of the World. Your family, your friends, and your colleagues—it’s remarkable.

But it’s also very sad. We leave each other for brighter pastures, exploration, to help provide for loved ones back home—or in search of something meaningful for our lives. Recently, however, I’ve re-noticed this movement per se—of reverse migration—a concept I wrote about in a past issue a few years ago.

Each time I meet college students in the Philippines I try to gage the pulse of their generation—asking them if they aspire to live and work abroad. More and more than previously before (or ever) the next generation who is going to lead our country are saying how they would much rather live and work in the Philippines—to help the country. It makes me very happy to hear this because this signifies that whatever we and you are doing is actually working. It means that our country is getting better and better and we must keep going—continue to push ourselves. We all must continue to create and develop more programs to sustain this momentum.

And this is precisely why in 2018 and beyond we have prepared several new programs to help the Philippines and Overseas Filipinos with our Travel, Trade, and Consumer Multi-City Promotional Marketing Roadshows which aims to provide small, medium, and large businesses in the Philippines a platform to promote their businesses in the United States starting in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Our second initiative is our Love of Country Global Ambassador’s Competition. With this program, we hope to inspire and change the future of the Philippines through the beauty, intellect, grace, and power of Filipino Women. Our delegates will compete to be the Global Leaders representing their own age brackets and win life changing awards and opportunities. We truly hope that you join us in making these projects as great as they can possibly be.

Earlier this year, we launched our travel directory website, LoveOfCountry.ph which helps international and local travelers seamlessly discover all of the gems of the Philippines. In just a matter of a few months, we had over 1,000 businesses enlisted, from hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, real estate—you name it, you’ll find all of the amazing places to go in the Philippines in there. Also part of our Love of Country Network are LoveOfCountryStore.com and LoveOfCountryTours.com which are both slated to launch in 2018 as well.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season. Cheers to new heights and collaboration—see you in 2018—the year of the Philippines.

Roger Oriel

Roger Oriel is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of the Asian Journal Media Group.

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