First Annual Love of Country Global Ambassadors Program Officially Launched In The USA

“You’re never too old or too young to pursue your dreams and goals. Accomplishing great things is not impossible.”

As part of their continued mission to empower Overseas Filipinos and to promote tourism, investment, studying abroad, entrepreneurship, and retirement in the Philippines, the Asian Journal officially launches the 2018 Love of Country Global Ambassadors Program.

The Love of Country Global Ambassadors Program seeks highly competitive and ambitious Filipino women and men who aim to fuel the economic growth and development of the Philippines, inspire their local Filipino communities, and thus, transform the Filipino future. The program welcomes women and men in four different age brackets to apply—that no one is too young or too old to create a positive change in the world and pursue their dreams, goals, and ambitions.

Individuals selected to participate will receive prizes, invaluable professional networks and career opportunities in addition to a 14-Day all expense paid trip to the Philippines which will be filled with cultural immersion, exploration of tourist destinations, philanthropy and humanitarian work, artist, business, and leadership training, to investment insights.

“…So number 1, our program hopes to ignite, drive, and fuel foreign travel, investment, studying abroad, entrepreneurship, and retirement in the Philippines. And number 2, the opportunity to win a free trip to the Philippines is truly a gift to all Overseas Filipinos—our modern day heroes.”

“In its pure essence, the Love of Country Ambassadors Program is about the sustainability and continued progression of the Overseas Filipino Community, Balikbayans, and also supporting the present and future economic health of the Philippines. Our great nation relies heavily on the support of overseas Filipinos to provide a quality of life for their loved ones back home. They pay for real estate, health insurance, a car, education, food, a smartphone, internet—you name it. But with immigration policies becoming stricter worldwide, the volatility of the global economy and geopolitics, coupled with an aging population such as the baby-boomer generation preparing for retirement and a disconnected 2nd and 3rd generation of overseas Filipinos, we may see a profound slowdown in remittance,” said Roger Oriel, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of Asian Journal Media Group.

“This not only supports loved ones, but drives consumption which supports many businesses and so there is a ripple effect. If consumer spending is down, think about all those jobs in the Philippines and the loved ones that those jobs support. So number 1, our program hopes to ignite, drive, and fuel foreign travel, investment, studying abroad, entrepreneurship, and retirement in the Philippines. And number 2, the opportunity to win a free trip to the Philippines is truly a gift to all Overseas Filipinos—our modern day heroes,” he continued.

The Concept of the Program
In an interview with Raphael John Oriel, the program’s co-founder, current Editor-in-Chief of Balikbayan Magazine, and Chief Business Development Officer of the Asian Journal Media Group said, “For several years now, one of the recurring questions that I’ve encountered from both readers and clients was how can we connect Overseas Filipinos back to the country, especially those who have already assimilated to the country they moved to or were born and raised in—that 2nd and 3rd generation of Filipinos. I see on my Facebook that my Filipino friends and family go travel to other Asian Countries and I’m thinking, why? How do I make them choose the Philippines instead? Why are they going to Thailand or Hawaii or wherever really instead of going to the Philippines? So for quite some time now, I’ve been studying what other countries do. So when I travelled to Israel for 3 weeks a few years ago to study and learn about their culture and tourism, I came across their program, Birthright Israel, which is an incredibly brilliant and spectacular program that truly connects and educates young Jewish people all around the World. It’s fascinating—those who participated in that program either visit Israel once a year, invested in the country, or actually moved back. But the most  important thing was having an amazing sense of cultural pride after the program. After that trip, I returned to the Philippines and attended a beauty pageant—one of the more popular ones in the country. I spoke to many of the contestants after the competition and came to learn that there is no life sustainability or career support after they participate in those programs. The women who participate in those things end up getting exploited—have no choice but to become escorts, lack college degrees so they can’t find jobs, or even end up as single mothers. It made me incredibly angry—so we designed a program to help resolve some of these pressing issues. To be clear, I’m certainly not saying that beauty pageants are evil because they’re not. I have good friends in that industry who are truly good people. And those who participate can be incredibly inspiring and can receive a livelihood after joining. But there’s a dark side to that light. Our program, despite having a coronation and gala night is not a beauty pageant—our program is a cultural pageant and educational tourism program.”

14-Day Trip To The Philippines
“We are greatly looking forward to welcoming our inaugural class’ arrival in the Philippines. We’re putting together a comprehensive, exhilarating, challenging, yet fun 14-day cultural and adventure tour of the Philippines. Our goal is to create life-changing experiences and have our delegates say that they don’t want to leave or can’t wait to come back. And lastly, to encourage their friends, families, and colleagues to participate in our program. We are starting with the Filipino-American community this year, but by next year in 2019, we are looking to activate the program all throughout the World,” said Shannon Bridgman, Program Director of the 2018 Love of Country Global Ambassadors Program and former Miss Philippines Earth-Air 2016.

The Asian Journal Media Group, now approaching three decades in business, is a leading Filipino multimedia agency serving the global Filipino industry. Asian Journal publishes over 7 million weekly community newspapers annually in the USA from California, Nevada, New York, to New Jersey. In addition, the Asian Journal also publishes a quarterly magazine that is distributed in 60 countries and 101 cities throughout the World in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Promotions Board, and Department of Tourism of the Philippines.

To know more about Asian Journal and the Love Of Country Global Ambassadors Program, visit and The deadline for applications is April 15, 2018.

Ritchel Mendiola

Ritchel Mendiola is a feature writer based in the Philippines. In addition to writing for Balikbayan Magazine, she is a news correspondent for Asian Journal News-Manila.

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