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Säntis Delicatessen issues their first ever loyalty card

Säntis Delicatessen, a renowned shop that specializes in gourmet products across the globe launched its first loyalty program in the Philippines last Wednesday, September 12 at the Säntis Delicatessen at Yakal, Makati City.

As the president of Santis Delicatessen, Werner Berger shared his insights on how they come up with the said program.

“We have been working on our loyalty program for almost 15 years. But due to the diverse requirements such as software, integration to point of sale system, permits, and other inevitable restrictions, we end up starting over again,” Berger explained.

The loyalty program introduces a Gourmet Card wherein shoppers can now earn and accumulate points when shopping at any Säntis Deli store. The points garnered could be redeemed and used for future purchases in the store.

“This 2018, we have finally succeeded to come up with our very own loyalty card program. We are delighted to offer the Gourmet Card to gratify our frequent shoppers in Santis and guests in Dining @ Yakal restaurants,” Berger added.

The Gourmet Card can be used to earn and redeem points in other restaurants located in Yakal Street, San Antonio Village in Makati City. Such restaurants include I’m Angus Steakhouse, Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant, Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano and Cave Werdenberg.

Berger also shared his experience back then when he was first starting out in the food business. He shared stories on how he witnessed the developments and changes in Yakal since 1984.

“1984 Yakal used to be only factories. There is nothing at all. But I decided to come here because I saw the future,” he stated.

Serving the people with good food from around the world, Säntis Delicatessen president mentioned how the food industry in the Philippines differs from that of the other countries.

“One advantage we have here is that the Filipinos eat five times a day, in Europe, we only eat a maximum of three times,” Berger said.

He also stated the challenges that come with a country that genuinely loves food. He noted that there is an obvious competition with the variety of international cuisines. However, he said that the influence of the Western world as reported in history gave way to a wide range of palatable choices.  

“Unfortunately, not everybody eats from us. The good thing also is that Filipinos adapt quickly to foreign taste. We have been influenced by the Spanish and by the Americans so it leaves a broader acceptance of different types of food,” Berger explained.

“It is actually an easy country for that business as long as you are in the right place and you serve good food,” he added.

Säntis Delicatessen also values their customers that they reward regular shoppers during their birthdays. Birthday celebrants would get a free glass of wine/beverage or dessert during their birthday from any of the three restaurants.

To add to the generous gifts that Säntis Delicatessen has in store, their loyalty program also offers exclusive perks to Gourmet Card holders such as double points during purchases within the birth month and all points earned during one’s birthday will be multiplied five times.

All customers who purchased at least P 15,000 in a single transaction or P 25,000 worth of accumulated receipts from September 1 – December 31, 2018, are entitled to the loyalty program.

In an era where loyalty is found rare and obliterated, reward programs such as this one would indeed help bring back what was once the norm. Good food is always a default gift, and I know I am not alone in saying that.  

Nathalie Robles

A 20-year old who is passionate about art, music, poetry and travel. She plans to take on the world, one article at a time.

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