Mr. Softy: Always Fresh, Always Exciting

“Buying ice cream is buying happiness. And with Mr. Softy, normal days are always made special and sprinkled with bliss no matter what time of the year.”


Mr. Softy Ice Cream Franchise Infographic

Humble Beginnings

Taking pride in its cool and sweet soft-serve ice cream treats, Mr. Softy started as a small family business in the Philippines back in 2000.

Having worked formerly as sales manager at an ice cream company, Victorino “Vic” Isidro Perea was very familiar with the ins and outs of the business—making him an expert in the delectables.

“After working with an ice cream company, I brought home with me an ice cream maker,” he recalled. “And from there is how we started our own ice cream business.”

Friends, family, and his neighbors would request Vic to satisfy their cravings and create all sorts of ice cream flavors and combinations. As a result of this, Vic became inspired to pursue ice cream production.

During those days, it became so popular that his family decided to turn it into a real business.

In the same year, Vic’s family rented out a two square meter space at the nearby public market of Sta. Elena in Marikina for P9,000. Starting off with five flavors in rotation from a single machine. Vic didn’t expect to draw long queues of people in their first day.

“When we started the business, it was not called Mr. Softy yet. Back then, we didn’t have any name yet. We opened our first stall in the market, selling ice cream in cones for just five pesos. We were very surprised because we had lines of customers every day,” he said.

Since the stall was located within the rice section, the long lines of people that blocked the stalls of rice vendors complained to them. They initially asked their customers to line up by the pedestrian lane, however for Vic, this too was not fair to the pedestrians.

And so, to meet the demands of their faithful customers, the company began opening outlets in other wet markets, taking the first step in expanding their humble business.

Their strategic location attracted market goers with some loose change who wanted to treat their children with ice cream.

A Family Business

A year after their business opening, Vic decided to set up a dealership network. The company sold ice cream machines and provided their dealers with a supply of raw materials. They initially grew to a network of 120 outlets in just a span of two years.

With the continuous expansion of the company, the family works together in managing the business. Vic’s wife, Dra. Marinella Perea, serves as the Executive Vice President and Treasurer. Vinson, the eldest son is in charge of marketing and sales. Vernon, the second son handles operations. Virgo, the third son is the brain behind new concepts. While the only daughter, Catherine Ann, is responsible for events and new products.

Their extraordinary teamwork, partnered with family discipline, enabled Mr. Softy to undergo groundbreaking, tremendous success.

Expansion of Treats

Mr. Softy’s premium products continue to draw crowds everyday not only because of its delicious, creamy taste, but largely in part to its affordable prices.

“As we all know, Mr. Softy has been around for so many years and still growing. At the core of our business is an ice cream product that is of high quality and yet very much affordable,” Vic said.

Mr. Softy offers many varieties of soft-served ice cream in a wafer, Belgian cone or cup, plain or coated with different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and banana, or a concoction of sprinkled with chocolates and candies.

The company sets their standards of high quality through the Bureau of Food and Drugs to ensure their customers and partners that their products are safe for consumption.

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