Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

Picture yourself sinking your feet in warm white sand that rests calmly alongside clear waters. As you arrive at the doors of Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel you will be given warm smiles and welcoming salutations from their world class staff. They take great importance in greeting guests by serving them a cool towel and a chilled drink of your choice. Villa Caemilla is a tropical paradise nestled at the most peaceful part of the Philippine’s famous White Beach in Boracay Island. Guests from different parts of the world enjoy this picture perfect beach and find pleasure in basking underneath the sun. The hotel gives off an experience quietude from the bustling city. This beachfront situates itself right on the shoreline of Station 3 which has been known to be the most peaceful part of the Philippine’s famous White Beach in Boracay Island.

The hotel showcases a completely up to date and modern design fit for any season or occasion. Ideal for families, couples and honeymooners, this luxurious home away from home can provide you with a guaranteed pleasant stay. By hopping on Villa Caemilla’s complimentary shuttle service from the jetty port to the mellow, you will be able to view the astonishing clear blue waters and velvety-smooth sand. For guests to easily access the wonders of Boracay’s sand and shore, Villa Caemilla has been placed to be just a short 15-minute walk. The stroll leads to the station where tourists make memories they can never forget.  Station 2 is known to hold a colorful night life and cheerful parties.

As you take your first step, the bright and modern rooms compliment the gleaming aura that the hotel offers. As stated by Wesley van der Voort, Villa Caemilla’s Resort Manager: “The Villa Caemilla Family couldn’t be more proud for winning multiple awards since our opening. We have created a family of different nationalities, learning everyday about what our guests want to experience and adjusting and improving to this on a daily basis. We could not be more proud and happy of our team.”

Presented as winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017, Villa Caemilla offers 39 well-equipped rooms and a bar/restaurant designed to satisfy the expectations of any guest. In addition to the rooms, this wonderful beach boutique provides live music while guests enjoy cocktails from well-trained bartenders or relax and enjoy the sun on beach loungers. Villa Caemilla currently offers new and improved high quality cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only do they provide the best rates but they guarantee you high-class service. They take pride in their excellent hospitality and strongly believe that you will not leave without remembering Villa Caemilla as your memorable great escape. Enjoy the best of the tropics right at your doorstep.

1. Free Wifi
2. Free Shuttle Service With Our Eco E-Trike
3. Pure Beach Amenities
4. Best Rate Guaranteed When Booking Directly
5. Welcome Drinking And Other Freebies
6. Free Access To Our Exclusive Beachfront

For more information on Villa Caemilla or if you would like to book a room, you may contact them through their email [email protected] and check out their websites at


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