Taking It Easy—Relaxing Things to do in Montemaria

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To appreciate the world’s beauty and mystery, you need to pause and get in touch with your inner peace. More than just accomplishing daily tasks and deadlines, it is essential for you to take breaks—to rejuvenate and to stay sane.

This is why at Montemaria in Batangas, anyone who wants to get in touch with his or her inner peace may choose from various activities and amenities available at their facilities, to complement one’s journey to a relaxing trip.

Not a religious buff? No problem. (We’ve heard they’re planning to even build a diving resort and an executive golf!)

Here are some relaxing or de-stressing things to do while in Montemaria.  

  1.  Go near the Miracle Stone for healing

There is this huge stone near the chapel that is believed to have healed thousands of people from different illnesses. Arnold Gutierrez, the Vice President for Business Development and Marketing of Abacore Capital Holdings, Inc., the company that owns and develops Montemaria—a skeptic himself, affirmed that a lot of people told him of the Miracle Stone’s alleged healing power.

“There is this one big stone that gave us a hard time to move . We’re supposed to bring that to Manila, but it seems immovable. We have attempted it several times.The chains of the payloader get broken. I don’t know, I’m a skeptic, but they say that there’s a miracle in the stone.” said Gutierrez.

The big stone is now locked inside a steel bar since they were some people who tried to chip the stone in an attempt to bring home a piece of the miraculous stone.

According to Gutierrez,  a scientist visited the place to examine the stone and found out that it is some kind of a meteorite.

  1. Meditate or have a serenity walk on the meditation ground

They say that life is too short to be anything but happy. Rejuvenation and inner peace are great contributors to real happiness and satisfaction.

Take your time to embrace the stillness of nature and appreciate a calming backdrop of gentle slopes that are made perfect for reflection and meditation.

  1. Seek Mary’s intercession at the Marian chapels

Filipino Catholics have this special devotion to Mary whom they fondly call “Mama Mary.” To quote Jesuit theologian and mariologist Fr. Catalino Arevalo: “To understand Filipino Catholics, one must understand their love for Mary.”  

Located at the third floor of the Mother of All Asia-Tower of Peace is an exhibition area of different devotions of the blessed Blessed Virgin Mary. Considered as a gallery, it showcases 21 different Marian chapels including Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes.

  1. Gaze in awe atop a view deck overlooking the Verde Island Passage

The panoramic view of the Verde Island Passage can be seen in most parts of the Montemaria. But for a more dramatic view, climb up the 15th floor of the Mother of All Asia-Tower of Peace and appreciate the beauty of God’s creations.

Flags of the countries of Asia will also be placed once the construction of the tower is completed, which is targeted to be finished in December 2017.  

  1. Attend a Sunday Mass at St. Paul Shrine

Named after the late Pope John Paul II, St. John Paul Shrine has been operating for a year now and is being ran by the Archdiocese of Lipa. The resident priest is Father Julius Lacaran, also the parish priest of Isla Verde. The church has a life-size relic of the Pope, which can be found at the church’s entrance.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has a special place in the Pope John Paul II’s heart.

Pope John Paul II lost his mother at the age of nine, which led him to get closer  to the Blessed Virgin. He once said that we always have our spiritual mother on our side. In fact,  his deep trust to the arms of the Blessed Virgin Mary is expressed in his apostolic motto, totus tuus (completely yours).

  1. Watch religious films at the auditorium or mini theaters

Expect to watch life-changing religious films at Montemaria’s auditorium, which also serves as a mini theater located at the 5th floor of the Mother of All Asia-Tower of Peace. Two more auditoriums/mini theaters are also targeted to be operational by March 2021, just  in time for the celebration of 500th year of Christianity in the Philippines.

  1. Visit the Sto. Niño  Chapel

The Santo Niño Chapel’s gold and blue altar is a replica of the altar in the Chapel of the Holy Infant Jesus in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Masses here are held regularly. Two masses are held here every first Friday, two on Saturdays, and three messes on Sundays.

  1. Go diving at Montemaria’s dive resort

This remains part of the master plan for the Montemaria development. Because there’s always more to see beneath the surface, Montemaria lets you see what’s down in the deep waters through diving and snorkeling.

  1. Play golf with your family

The famous diva Celine Dion once said that “golf is a search for perfection, for balance. It’s about meditation and concentration.” With a plan to develop approximately 30 hectare-wide executive golf course, family golf trips can soon be one of the things to look forward to on your Montemaria trip.

Photographed By Godwin Gasacao

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