Melba’s Farm is perfection in paradise. Enter an intimate place, feeling all the wonderful sensations that nature could possibly offer.

Take in the fresh air amidst the magnificent view of the lush mahony trees at  600 meters above sea level in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

Feel the exceptional breeze embracing your skin. After sunset, this destination transforms and becomes muted, except for the leaves which sways and sings at the rhythm of the wind.

Melba’s Farm is located in the sleepy town of Masinglad. Most of the residents here  rely on fruit farming and bamboo pole- making for their livelihood, so expect a fresh laid-back country scenery.

The farm is accessible either from Bacolod City’s village of Granada or from the city proper of Talisay. The short drive to this place can offer  you sights of rare birds clinging to decades old trees. Photograph the  stunning silhouette of the nearby Mount Mandalagan.

The farm resort has a pick-up and drop-off service from Bacolod which costs only Php 150 per person. Another option is to ride a motorcycle which is available at the village border for commute or as a lead in a convoy for a private car.

The farm resort has a rustic clubhouse where meals are served. This is also a communal area for guests. Vintage pieces like an antique typewriter, portable massage table, and an old phone accentuate the area. The owner, Alvin Carranza, named the farm resort after his mother, where an enormous portrait of whom hangs on the wall of the clubhouse.

On one side of the the rustic clubhouse is the swimming pool, while on the other side is a grassy terrain inclining downward. For a total nature experience, guests are encouraged to leave their footwear by the clubhouse entrance and go barefoot.

Melba’s Farm is perfect for quick hikes and for those yearning to escape and find their inner peace out into the woods.

Photographs courtesy of Melba’s Farm

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