Filipino food among world’s top eating experiences

(Top to bottom) Sisig, halo-halo, and adobo are three Filipino dishes included in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist. The list was drawn by the Lonely Planet community of travellers and foodies, as well as an international panel of chefs and food correspondents. Image by (counterclockwise): Lonely Planet, The Vagrant Companion, Juan Paulo Gutierrez (via Getty Images), and DGBB.

London — Three Filipino dishes are named by Lonely Planet among the world’s top 500 food experiences.  Sisig, halo-halo, and adobo made it into the latest edition of the Lonely Planet Ultimate Eatlist, a compendium of “the world’s most memorable eating experiences.”

“Filipino food doesn’t get a lot of international play compared with other Asian cuisines.  And that’s unfortunate as anyone who has tasted sisig knows,” stated an entry on the iconic Kapampangan pork dish.  Sisig ranked highest among the other Filipino dishes in the list.

The list was drawn up by the Lonely Planet community of travellers and foodies.  The entries were evaluated by a panel of 20 chefs and food writers and was ranked based on taste, cultural significance, and uniqueness of location.

“The world has yet to fully discover Filipino cuisine,” said Ambassador Antonio M. Lagdameo.  “At the Embassy, we share the Filipino community’s insatiable appetite to show the world what they are missing an exciting culinary experience when they miss out on Filipino food.”

Since 2018, the Embassy through its Cultural Diplomacy Unit has initiated various efforts to promote Filipino food in the UK and Ireland such as strengthening its ties with the growing number of Filipino Food advocates to engaging the UK’s culinary tastemakers.  The spike in the number of Filipino restaurants, pop-ups, and supper clubs in the UK, for example, shows the growing interest in Filipino food in the region.

The book is available in all major bookstores in the UK and may also be purchased online through Lonely Planet and Amazon.

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