Sorsogon: Breathtaking adventures at the Heart of Nature

Located at the southernmost tip of Luzon, Sorsogon is home to one of the Philippines’ prime eco-tourist destinations. The province lauds itself with its lush green landscapes, wide stretch of fine coastlines, and abundant marine life.

As the province never fails to grace its visitors with the beauty of nature all year round, Sorsogon pitches exciting adventures that will provide you the most unique nature experience.

Whale interaction in Donsol
Because of the large number of whale sharks, locally known as butanding, that frequently visits the province, the municipality of Donsol in Sorsogon is  tagged as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World.” These gentle giants can be spotted from November to June. The number of sightings varies depending on the season, however, during the peak months of April and May, people will see at least five or possibly even more than twenty whale sharks a day.

Both local and international tourists book the whale shark tours in Donsol because of its cheap, affordable price. The marine giants swim in a small, near to shore area, making it easy for spotters to find them even from the convenience of just sitting on top of a boat. In fact, Donsol is known as having the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world.

Firefly watching in Ogod River
Apart from whale shark interactions, firefly watching is a popular activity in Donsol. While waiting for nightfall, you can marvel at the spectacular view of the sunset, and as the sky darkens, thousands of sparkling fireflies illuminate the mangroves and palm trees that line along the River of Ogod. Tourists wishing to capture a glimpse of this majestic scenery can ride small boats that cruise along the river at night.

Diving in Manta Bowl
For a more daring underwater exploit, travellers can check out the Manta Bowl located in Ticao Pass that lies between Donsol and Ticao Island. The underwater current in this site is known for being quite strong. Also known as Manta Ray Capital of the Philippines,  Manta Bowl is home to a large number of Manta rays—the biggest and most harmless rays in the world. Hammerheads, whale sharks, and other pelagics can also be found here—making it a haven for divers, marine biologists, and underwater photographers.

Boating, Kayaking, and Trekking in Bulusan
Another travel highlight in Sorsogon is the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. At the foot of Mount Bulusan is one of the most active volcanoes in the country where guests can rent kayaks and canoes to tour the tranquil and emerald green waters of the Bulusan Lake.

Surrounded by verdant rainforest, the nature park is home to fauna and endemic plants,  including rare species of vines and orchids. Hikers can also get a glimpse of waterfalls, hot springs, and caves while climbing the mountain.

Getting There
Sorsogon is accessible by both land and air. You can take a 12-hour scenic bus ride from Manila to Legazpi City from various terminals in Pasay City and Cubao. On the other hand, if you wanted a faster trip, you may take a 45 minute flight from Manila to Legazpi City. And then from Legazpi City, take a one to two hours public utility van or bus ride to Sorsogon City.

Photographed By Noel Ty

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