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In a previous interview, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon revealed that more than 600,000 students come to Enchanted Kingdom every year. “We really feel a sense of responsibility that not only do we want them to enjoy, be happy, be thrilled with the rides, but more importantly to be educated and taught good values,” she happily adds.

Enchanted Kingdom is the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines. Every year, they implement measures for continuous improvement and to maintain its world-class standards. The world-class theme park is a great venue for family bonding, enjoyment, and whatnot. What makes it extra special is that it is also a great venue for learning, with its Edutainment programs and offerings.

Students, kids, and even adults alike can enjoy numerous rides and attractions while learning through Enchanted Kingdom’s edutainment programs as follows:

  1. Animal Encounters where they can meet and greet with exotic animals in a safe environment, and learn more about their natural habitat and ways they can be taken care of.
  2. Botany in the Park where they can roam around the park and learn about the different plants and trees that give life to the beauty of Enchanted Kingdom. The park is a home to over 50 species of plants and trees that are properly labelled.
  3. Physics Behind the Rides where they can learn about the fundamental physics concepts such as the science of movement and the laws and principles of Physics,
  4. Agila The EKsperience where they can learn about geography and appreciate the beauty of our beloved country, the Philippines. This ride aims to educate the guests about the beauty of the country as well as build national pride.

These are just bits and pieces of what’s being offered at Enchanted Kingdom. The number one concern of our guests is safety and our Cast Members assure you that your safety is our number one priority. Our rides go through their maintenance period annually and our Animal Encounters entertainment offering is handled by a professional.

Visit Enchanted Kingdom now and experience a different kind of classroom! For more information, log on to www.enchantedkingdom.ph or call (02) 584-3535/(02) 830-3535. For announcements and updates, visit our official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/enchantedkingdom.ph.

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