Four Tips from Renee Salud on How to Make it in the Fashion Industry

Many young Filipinos look at Renee Salud as an inspiration—as their peg to succeed. Here, he shares his advice to them, especially to the young ones who want to make a name in the fashion industry. Fashion school graduates and young people who want to be designers have a long, rocky road ahead. Starting a fashion business takes time, talent, and a lot of hard work.

Here are four invaluable pieces of advice from Renee Salud who is largely known as the Fashion Ambassador of the Philippines:

#1 “Be true to yourself.”
Don’t be something that you’re not. It’s okay to dream, but realize what you’re good at and really focus on that.”

#2 “Find clarity.”
“Know what you want. You don’t have to know how exactly to get there, but if you know exactly what you want, you can figure out putting together the pieces of the puzzle.”

#3 “Define your signature.”
“Create a signature style that is recognizable, but also plays to your strengths as a designer.”

#4 “Don’t seek fame”
“Ask yourself: Do you want be famous or do you want to be a designer? If you want to be famous, hope for a lot of people and money to be ready to support your cause!”

Momar Visaya

Momar Visaya is the Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Journal's New York & New Jersey Newspaper Edition and Life Eastyle Magazine.

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