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MAKATI CITY, Jan. 5 — You already have your undergraduate degree under your belt but you still have this insatiable thirst for knowledge, perhaps, you might also be missing those fun and learning experiences back in your university days. But, is your financial situation an obstacle along the way of your postgraduate dreams or maybe, your finances might not be enough for you to go overseas?

Annually, AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (APC) sends a Filipino scholar to Japan through the Ajinomoto Scholarship Foundation’s program. The Foundation’s 2020 Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant selects one student from six countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Russia) who will be given an opportunity to pursue further studies in the field of science or technology.

Each candidate can choose to enroll in one of the specified Japanese universities, which include University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Ochanomizu University, Waseda University, and Kagawa Nutrition University. Then, they can either enroll first in a one-year research program and then continue on to a two-year master’s program or directly enroll in a two-year master’s program.

The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University are among Japan’s top universities with the former ranking 42nd at the World University Rankings 2019 list of Times Higher Education. The list ranks over 1,250 top institutions around the world, with Japan (103 Japanese universities) as the second most-represented country after the United States.

Just like Anna, another Filipino scholar could also experience the perks of being a postgraduate student in Japan as the country has a lot to offer beyond its top-notch educational standards and rich cultural heritage.

APC has successfully sent nine Filipino scholars to Japan since 2010 including latest scholar Ms. Anna Legaspi, a University of the Philippines – Los Baños alumna, who graduated cum laude with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Anna became a research student of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo last April 2018. She is set to start her postgraduate degree in 2019, having recently passed her master’s exam. Now that she is bound to start her master’s degree, Anna also expressed her eagerness to explore new areas of advanced science and technology as the University of Tokyo provides high-technology equipment needed for pursuing top-level research.

The Ajinomoto Group is a global leader in amino acids thanks to its advanced bioscience and fine chemical technologies. Its products cover a range of fields such as food, beverages, amino acids and pharmaceuticals.

Since discovering “umami” (the fifth taste sourced from glutamic acid, a type of amino acid) in 1908, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids, and supporting the healthy lives of people all around the world. Based on our corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well” we aim for further growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness of people by creating value with communities and society.

The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 35 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. Its sales were 1.1502 trillion yen (10.3 billion U.S. dollars) in fiscal year 2017. To learn more, visit https://www.ajinomoto.com/.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants to the Ajinomoto Postgraduate Scholarship Grant must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen.
  • Must have graduated or is expected to graduate with an excellent academic record (with 15 years of education completed or expected to be completed) and must receive the recommendation of his/her university president or academic advisor or be otherwise qualified to enroll in the University.
  • Must be under the age of 35 on April 1, 2020.
  • In principle, the applicant must be able to obtain approval of acceptance as either a postgraduate international research student (hereinafter “Research Student”) or a graduate school student (master’s course) (hereinafter “Master’s Course Student”) from the University and be registered as a Research Student or a Master’s Course Student for April 2020 or October 2020.
  • Must show financial need to pursue higher education.
  • Must acquire adequate Japanese language proficiency that is required in order to research and study in a master’s course, when enrolling as a
  • Master’s Course Student.
  • Must file an application and attend selection procedures in the Philippines.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health and have a strong motivation for learning.
  • Must not be receiving other scholarships.
  • Must apply from the Philippines and be able to attend selection procedures when necessary.
  • Must have a strong sense of nationalism, leadership and motivation.


  • ¥150,000 (approximately P70,500) monthly allowance for a maximum of 1 year as a research student at a graduate school
  • ¥180,000 (approximately P84,600) monthly allowance for a maximum of 2 years as a master’s course student at a graduate school/
  • Full coverage of examination, admission and tuition fees
  • Full coverage of Japanese language training before going to Japan
  • Full coverage of airfare to Japan


  • If the recipient enrolls as a research student, scholarship will be provided for a maximum of 3 years (1 year as a research student and maximum of 2 years as a master’s course student). The scholarship will be suspended if the recipient fails to pass the entrance exam for a master’s course within a year after arriving in Japan.
  • If the recipient enrolls as a master’s course student, scholarship will be provided for a maximum of 2 years.
  • For Waseda University, in principle, scholarships will be provided for 2 years studying as a Master’s Course Student.

Interested applicants may visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph/whats-new for more details on the scholarship grant. Deadline of applications is on March 1, 2019. For inquiries, contact Ms. Joyce Mendoza at +(63)2 895-6081, Local 8107 or through email, joycelyn_mendoza@ajinomoto.com.

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