10 Filipino Wedding Superstitions And Myths

There are plenty of Filipino wedding traditions and practices that are relevant up to this day despite the fact that they lack any logical explanation. Due to superstitious beliefs, couples and their family and friends practice these traditions and keep these superstitions and myths in mind instead of risking anything. 

01 One Sibling At A Time
In the Philippines, having your wedding in the same year as your sibling is bad luck. It is said that this will lead to the good fortune being split between the two pairs of newlyweds and could make room for bad fortune. If you think postponing your wedding due to this superstition will get you off the hook, think again. It is also said that postponing your wedding could also postpone the good fortune that is about to come.

02 No Peeking
Just like in many cultures, it is bad luck for the groom and the bride to lay eyes on each other hours before the wedding ceremony. It is believed that having a glimpse of their fiancé before the “I do’s” is equivalent to having a glimpse of their future, which, of course, is bad luck.

03 No Last Minute Fittings 
Brides are forbidden from wearing their wedding dress the day before the matrimony because it is said that it could bring bad luck to the wedding or may cause it to not push through at all.

The bride and groom both have to be extra careful on their wedding day. If either of them breaks or even drops anything, it is believed that the marriage could also break in the future. The groom must also be cautious when handling the rings because if he drops them, this may signify that the marriage is not going to last. The same goes for the best man.

05 Toast The Evil Spirits Away
Wedding toasts and clinking of glasses are highly encouraged because it is believed to scare and drive evil spirits away from the bride and groom.

06 Eat A Piece Of Cake
Since the wedding cake symbolizes fertility, the bride must eat the cake ahead of the groom. If they don’t follow this rule, it may cause complications in conceiving a child.

07 Carry The Bride
After the reception, the groom is expected to carry the bride over the doorstep of their honeymoon suite or new home. It is believed that demons are waiting by the doorstep hoping to bring bad fortune to the newlyweds.

08 Skip The Knife Section
When picking out a gift for the lovely couple, it is best to avoid the knife section unless you want to break the marriage of your friend or relative.

09 Accidentally On Purpose
The bride should step on her spouse’s foot (accidentally, of course!) if she wants him to be more agreeable for the duration of the marriage.

10 Make It Rain!
Although rain may dampen the wedding day, it is considered a sign of a successful and happy marriage in the future sent from the heavens above.

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