Building a Strategic Comeback for 2021

For the past several months, hundreds of companies continue to be on the defense because of the influx of unforgiving adversities presented by the pandemic. As most businesses know by now, the lack of preparation and foresight, in a time when massive changes are happening rapidly, can bring a swift yet painful death.

Even if the atmosphere surrounding this health crisis has simmered down, the hard realities faced by executives such as the collapse of demand, the rise in unemployment, changes in psychosocial attitudes and behavior, supply chain interruptions, and the crippling economic recession should still be addressed to ensure the revival of struggling organizations.

A clear direction towards the future which also takes careful consideration of the present situation will help you transition into the much-awaited phase of renewal. To determine the proper course of action that will be followed by your business to effectively enter a period of growth and sustainability, business owners and key leaders must understand the gravity of strategic planning.

Strategic Plan — Seeing the Resurgence of Your Business

The thought of making decisions in the presence of uncertainty can be overwhelming but a solid strategic plan becomes your greatest asset in identifying these uncertainties and in constructing a roadmap that will drive your organization from where you are now to where you want to be.

In strategic planning, long discussions that revolve around the appropriate allocation and adjustments of limited resources and the needed flexibility of structures and operational systems to function in this new normal are expected to take priority as certain calls have to be made.

Familiar questions about the mission and vision will also be revisited as conventional solutions might no longer be viable in this ever-changing environment. Key business leaders must learn to quickly adapt and react to ensure that brand new opportunities will be maximized and that operations will not be damaged by the useless pursuit of obsolete ideas and processes. This will introduce a new competitive strategy that can guide the organization to where it wants to be years from now.

Apart from all that was mentioned above, the overlooked and underappreciated practice of family business governance plays a major role in the company’s goal of staging an impressive comeback for 2021 and it should be included in the strategic plan especially since most of the businesses in the country are family-owned. The crisis has revealed weaknesses in succession plans as leaders get sick without a successor stepping into the plate. We need to be reminded that no matter how groundbreaking the strategy is, if the people responsible for its implementation fail, then all efforts will be rendered pointless.

Now, the most important question we have for you is this: “Is your company prepared enough to plan for your future?

W+B Advisory Group and Icon Executive Asia, who have mounted several conferences and webinars attended by hundreds of high net worth and high profile business individuals and their management teams, recognize the significance of supporting all businesses — whether struggling or thriving — in their path of starting their strategic plan for the next year.

As they continue to champion their “Save Our Business” advocacy which produced the successful Family Business Governance entitled “The Power of Succession” that happened last August 29, W+B and Icon invites you to their upcoming webinar entitled  “Strategic Plan 2021: Setting the Stage for a Major Comeback” on October 24, 2020, Saturday, at 10 AM.

This event about strategic planning and corporate rehabilitation will feature top-tier speakers, namely Mr. Stephen Lin and Prof. Eric Soriano, who are renowned subject matter experts all over Asia.

Should you have any inquiries, you may reach W+B Advisory Group at 0945 342 4446 / 0917 324 7216 or send an email to [email protected]

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