Tourism students in the Prague learn “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”

(Prague PE photo)

Prague — Students from the Vyšší Odborná Škola (VOŠ) cestovního ruchu a mezinárodního obchodního styku (College of Tourism and International Trade) in Prague learned that “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” in an hour-long interactive session with Minister and Consul General Indhira C. Bañares on 15 October 2019.

Minister and Consul General Indhira C. Bañares (foremost, center holding bouquet of flowers) and VOŠ Headmaster Libor Bastl (foremost, right of Consul General Bañares), together with students, after the presentation and discussion on the Philippines. (Prague PE photo)

Around 40 students shared their views on Philippine history, culture, and tourism after watching the most recent campaign of the Department of Tourism, entitled “Eats More Fun in the Philippines”.

The discussion generated the interest of the students in Filipino food, the tradition of fiestas, the influence of faith in Philippine culture, Filipino values, unity in the diverse ethno-linguistic groups in the country, and the fun in exploring its natural wonders.

Students of VOŠ take interest in the Philippines, as they check out the brochures distributed at the event. (Prague PE photo)

At the end of the discussion, Minister Bañares presented VOŠ Headmaster Libor Bastl with copies of Noli Me TangereEl FilibusterismoAgung and Bucket List: Philippines. The students received brochures on the Philippines, Davao and Palawan, and canned fruit juice and crackers brought from the Philippines.

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