“Family Favourites” cookbook by Five FIlipinas in Singapore now a bestseller

Cover of the cook book “Family Favorites” and the cookbook authors wearing their chef’s hat. (Photo by Trisha Toh and Zara Salahudin)

Singapore — Filipinas Lita Patricio, Jomarcy Bebida, Rose Buenvenida, Carina Rebuya, and Jetky Marie Amores, have two things in common: they are all Filipino household service workers (HSWs) in Singapore and they are the authors of a bestseller cookbook, “Family Favourites”.

Launched back in November 2018 where Ambassador to Singapore Joseph Del Mar Yap attended, the book has already sold hundreds of copies, mostly through the expatriate network in Singapore.

“A cookbook filled with easy, fun and delicious recipes that can be cooked for families and friends. For new helpers, for helpers that are looking for new inspiration, and for families moving onwards,” the authors said in a statement.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook goes to the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) Academy, a civil society organization in Singapore that provides vocational training for migrant domestic workers. The authors are volunteers of the said academy.

Other proceeds go to an investment fund that the authors will eventually use in order to set up a restaurant and cooking school in the Philippines once they retire as Overseas Filipino Workers.

The book, published by MAKE HISTORY PTE. LTD., features 50 “tried and tested,” delicious recipes that were tried and tested already by these Filipina HSWs turned cookbook authors.

As a bonus, the last chapter of the book showcases the favorite family recipes of professional chefs of top restaurants in Singapore–BAM!GattopardoChef’s Table, and PS.Cafe.

“Recognizing the abundant talent of our kababayan wherever they may be–whether in the Philippines or abroad such as Singapore, the Embassy is happy to support the continued promotion of this creative culinary venture. I hope all Filipinos in Singapore will have a chance to grab a copy,” Ambassador Yap said.

For more information or to order a copy of their book, please visit the website, https://www.family-favourites.org.

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