Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel

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A place like no other where relaxation and festivity convene.

With the ancestral province of Ilocos Sur lined with old-themed houses and architectures that have been existing even before the early 1500s, you might want to look for something that’s distinct from city’s classic atmosphere for a change of pace.

Located just a couple of minutes away from the Vigan’s Heritage Village, the Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel offers guests a bright, modern place to stay. Nevertheless, despite its modish architecture, the hotel reflects Filipino’s culture through its artistic displays.

The Philippines has been known for its long list of fiestas. In fact, almost all towns in the country has a local festival of its own, reflecting the cheerful nature of Filipinos.

Fiesta, which means festivity in Spanish, is an occasion where people gather in gratitude and merriment through food, songs, dance, and other forms of art.

With traditional Filipino fiesta-inspired theme, the Fiesta Garden Hotel is painted with pastels of yellow and white colors, radiating a joyful ambiance that unfailingly lightens up the visitors’ moods.

At the same time, all of the hotel rooms were adorned with accented fiesta-themed wooden doors. Each door designs were unique to rest of the rooms.

The doors were crafted in Paete, Laguna, a town in the Philippines renowned for its nest carvers, and it continue to entertain visitors by displaying the lively Filipino tradition.

The hotel’s spacious but cozy rooms provide the visitors a perfect stay for relaxation, combined with top-notch services from their solicitous staff.

Delicacies with a twist
Just a couple of steps along the garden from the hotel, guests can reach its restaurant building.

Founded by three medical practitioners, the Fiesta Garden originally started as restaurant in 2007 before expanding into a hotel resort in 2014.

Ever since, the restaurant has been catering fiesta-inspired dishes such as Crispy Pata, Pinakbet and Rice Cakes. Guests can also look forward to their delectable traditional Ilocano dishes such as Bagnet, Poqui-poqui, and Sinanglao—all prepared with a twist.

The dining area, with a classic yet elegant interior, gives off warm ambiance that creates the perfect meal setting for couples, friends, and families. At the same time, their friendly staff in tropical inspired uniforms radiates the hospitality trait that Filipinos were reknowned for.

How to get there:
From Vigan City proper, head west to Liberation Blvd. towards Jose Singson St. then take the 3rd right to Rizal Ave. and continue to Manila North road.

Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel
National Highway Guimod Bantay (Metro Vigan), Ilocos Sur
+63 77 644 0401
+63 917 809 8909

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