Rosquillos Festival’s showcase of local culture, contribution to local tourism highlighted by Tourism Department

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Liloan, Cebu – The enchanting Rosquillos Festival culminated on a high note on Saturday (May 27) with the annual extravaganza not only tantalizing taste buds with its famous Rosquillos delicacy, but also showcasing the pivotal role of festivals and heritage in promoting tourism.

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The event was graced by Vice President Sara Duterte and the former Mayor of the Municipality of Liloan, now Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco.

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Throughout the festival, attendees reveled in a myriad of captivating activities that immersed them in Liloan’s vibrant culture. From breathtaking cultural performances to native delicacies, visitors were transported into the heart of Cebuano traditions.

Vice President Duterte was thrilled by the traditions and cultural heritage that the festival brings. “I laud the municipal government of Liloan for emphasizing local tourism as a priority advocacy to support the growth of local entrepreneurs particularly those involve in the production of famous delicacies and cuisines that your hometown has long been known for. Clearly, the municipality of Liloan is a promising tourism destination,” the Vice President said as she delivered her keynote address.

As a proud Liloan native, Secretary Frasco brought her unwavering passion for her hometown and the tourism industry to the Rosquillos Festival,

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The event, a testament to Liloan’s rich heritage and cultural pride, showcased the town’s unique traditions, attracting locals and tourists alike.

Secretary Frasco, in her message, emphasized the importance of festivals in promoting local culture and fostering tourism growth.

The tourism chief said that the Rosquillos Festival’s success lies in its ability to highlight the heritage of Liloan, while also stimulating economic growth by attracting tourists. The festival, she added, showcases the richness of Cebuano culture, encouraging visitors to explore other local attractions and supporting the livelihoods of the community.

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“Today is a historic day for our beloved town of Liloan for today we inaugurated what is now one of the best gateways to and from Cebu the Liloan Pier 88 where in no less than our President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. and our Vice President Inday Sara Duterte were in attendance. Liloan celebrates its 178th year in honor of San Fernando El Rey. In this 178 years Liloan has been through its own share of difficulties challenges, triumphs, and victories, yet at every turn Liloan has always prevailed. We have prevailed because of our faith in the lord Sto Nino and in San Fernando El Rey. And we have prevailed because we have always honored our heritage,” said Secretary Frasco, as she expressed her appreciation for Liloan’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

Grand Opening of Pier 88 in Liloan, Cebu

Secretary Frasco was referring to the inauguration of the highly anticipated waterfront destination Pier 88 in Liloan, held hours ahead of the Rosquillos Festival culminating activities.

The event, considered a milestone for tourism and local economic development, was graced by President Marcos, Jr., and Vice President Duterte.

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In his message, President Marcos Jr. noted that the event reflects the government’s dedication to boosting economic growth not just in Liloan, Cebu, but neighboring areas as well. President Marcos then recognized the potential of Pier 88 to stimulate job creation, attract investments, and invigorate the local economy. This remarkable milestone aligns with his administration’s vision to empower provinces and encourage inclusive development throughout the country.

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“The launching of Pier 88 shall offer faster transport alternative for passengers and for cargoes and holds promise to become a local economic hub which shall immensely serve the interests of peoples of Liloan and beyond,” said the President in his Keynote Address.

“This will help the tourism industry of Liloan, but this is not just the tourism for Liloan, Cebu or Camotes islands. This is in consonance with the discussions that we have been making with other countries especially around ASEAN in that we are going to work together so that we increase our tourism volume,” added the President.

Situated in the picturesque coastal town of Liloan, Cebu, Pier 88 broke ground in 2019, at the time when Secretary Frasco was Mayor of Liloan.

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The port showcases the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Its strategic location provides visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the azure waters and the stunning Cebu skyline. The pier is meant to offer an array of world-class facilities, including a spacious boardwalk, dining options featuring local culinary delights, and vibrant retail outlets.

Also in attendance at the inauguration were Tourism Secretary Frasco, Transportation Secretary Jimmy Bautista, House Speaker Martin Romualdez, Deputy Speaker Raymond Mendoza, Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia, and other Congressmen and Mayors of Cebu.

Conceptualized and approved in 2015 when House Deputy Speaker Duke Frasco was still Mayor of Liloan, and broken ground on and inaugurated in 2019 during Secretary Frasco’s first term as then Mayor of Liloan, the port project primarily aims to ease traffic in the north going to and from Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Lapu-Lapu City. The port is expected to attend to travelers going in and out of Cebu mainland via Liloan to Metro Cebu, the Camotes group of islands, as well as the provinces of Bohol and Leyte.

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“The port will help decongest traffic in Metro Cebu particularly in Consolacion and Mandaue City by providing an alternative mode of transport using the Topline Sea Bus. Most importantly, It will improve the quality of life saving hours and lives of thousands of Cebuanos by significantly cutting travel time of the riding public daily thru and from their respective workplaces in Metro Cebu. Pier 88, Port of Liloan provides an added economic gateway to our already progressive and developed town. It benefits surrounding municipalities and cities and the rest of northern Cebu and creates massive opportunities for livelihood, employment, commerce and trade, and of course to Secretary Christina’s delight – tourism,” Deputy Speaker Frasco said in his welcome speech.

Pier 88 Port, located in Liloan’s Barangay Poblacion, is a joint venture covered by a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between the local government of Liloan and Topline Group of Companies.

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