Beach Makeup: How to make it last

It’s that time of the year again! Time to hit the beach, catch some waves, and soak up the sun. Having fun by the ocean shouldn’t stop us from getting our glam on to achieve that perfect summertime selfie. Don’t let the water and heat scare you, because we have come up with a list of tips and tricks to make your beach makeup last!

01 Start with primer

Before applying your makeup, don’t forget to pat primer all over your face, especially when hitting the pool or beach. Using this is a great way to give something your make up can latch on to and also serves as an extra layer of moisturizer on a hot summer day.

02 Use a cheek and lip stain

Ditch the powder blush and lipstick and use an alternative that can beautify both cheeks and lips. Stains tend to stay on your face until you wash it off with makeup remover or a cleanser. It is an easy to use product and is best for people on the go, which makes it the perfect for your next road trip to the beach!

03 Keep it waterproof

Unless you want to emerge from the water with Panda eyes, make sure that     your mascara and eyeliner are waterproof. Try to find products that contain a lot of wax. The higher wax content in a product, the more water-resistant it becomes.

04 Avoid creamy foundation or concealer

Any makeup with a creamy consistency is bound to run on a hot and humid day. Try sticking to lighter and sheerer products to avoid the mess.

Pro tip: If replacing your creamy foundation or concealer is not an option, try mixing them with a little bit of sunscreen. It will strengthen your sun protection game and give you a more sheer and natural finish.

05 Use a water based sunscreen

Water based sunscreen is best if you want to avoid your makeup from running and it can also double as a primer. Sunscreen with too much oil can wipe out all of your makeup with a single swipe, especially in the heat.

06 Finish off with setting spray

Avoid makeup meltdowns and keep it in tact with setting spray, the final step holy grail item that should be in your makeup bag, always. There are many kinds of setting spray for all skin types, use the one that caters to your needs the most. This is also a good way to cool, hydrate, and keep your face shine free.

Pro tip: Damp your beauty sponge with setting spray instead of water for extra meltdown protection.

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