Customs’ anti-smuggling program gets boost with WCO donation

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Manila — The Bureau of Customs (BOC) capability to detect drugs and other contraband materials in shipments, especially the suspicious ones, that go through the country’s major ports, will significantly be enhanced with the recent donation of two logistical equipment by the World Customs Organization – Asia Pacific Security Project (WCO-APSP).

The WCO donation of one unit x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer and one unit Raman spectrometer manifests the strengthened partnership between the Philippine Bureau of Customs and the World Customs Organization.

The Raman Spectrometer is used to identify unknown compounds or chemicals. It efficiently identifies threats and measures a broader range of substances. The equipment also allows customization of analysis parameters to obtain the most accurate analysis of specific materials.

Meanwhile, the XRF Analyzer is used for metal identification. This provides rapid and accurate element analysis and alloy identification to users who require laboratory-quality results in the field. It provides highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and precisely identify pure metals and alloy grades when material accuracy is vital.

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“These detection devices are highly significant to customs and broder control operations, particularly against the smuggling of metal products and chemicals that could pose a threat to security and safety,” said Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero.

The enhanced vigilance by customs officials for suspicious shipments that go through its port have already resulted in several alerts and seizures of illegal drugs and other contraband materials.

“The donated devices will definitely be a big boost to the bureau’s strengthened campaign against smuggling, especially on illegal drugs and  other contraband goods,” Guerrero stressed.

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