Rang-Ay Bank: 61 Years of Progress

CEO & President Ives Nisce Reflects on Decades of Banking and Making a Difference

Meet Ives Nisce – President and CEO of Rang-ay Bank.  A businessman and a father with a good amount of entrepreneurship and resourcefulness, he led the bank to become the biggest bank network in its class in the Ilocos, Pangasinan and the Cordillera provinces.

On my way to interview Rang-Ay Bank President and CEO Ives Nisce in his office in San Fernando, La Union, I couldn’t help but admire how he’s able to manage and sustain the business for not one but six fruitful decades.

I arrived in his office past seven in the evening. Later on, I found out that we were in the same exact location of the original bank founded in 1956, which happened to be their home at the time.

Nisce was born in Zamboanga but grew up in La Union. After high school, he relocated to Manila to study in Ateneo de Manila University where he completed his bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, he was offered a position in Citibank and handled major financial accounts.

He recalls the early days and shares his journey with Rang-Ay Bank – the beginning of it all.

“My grandparents Numeriana Querol and Teofilo Nisce were the founders of the bank. However, given their limited knowledge in banking, they requested my parents to run and operate it for them. My father was the first manager of Rang-ay.”

“In 1977, my father suffered a stroke so he had to fly and undergo a heart bypass operation in the US. Being the eldest son, I had to do my part and take over while my father was recovering. Initially, the plan was for me to manage it for one or two months.”

Upon recovery, his father asked him to fully take over the bank as he decided to retire. That’s when Nisce embraced his role and committed himself to leading the organization towards the realization of its vision.

Rang-ay Bank is celebrating its 61st anniversary this year, and has big plans, including opening several more branches in addition to the existing 25 in the region. Currently, it has 200 employees and will continue to hire more as it continues to grow and expand in the years to come.

Rang-Ay, the countryside bank

“Rang-ay” is the Ilocano word for progress. Since the institution’s foundation in 1956, it has remained true to its name.

“As an institution, we serve as a catalyst for development and prosperity within our local community. We want to show people that they can depend on a rural bank like us to become their primary financial access point. We are here to empower the rural communities, such as farmers, the fisher folks, even micro-entrepreneurs. They are our priority.”

“Dahil Asenso Mo, Tagumpay ng Rang-Ay!”

Achieving success in life is not something one gets by chance or luck but is something one gets by combining skills, timing, passion and hard work. For a renowned business tycoon like Nisce, success does not come from reaching a certain standard – but from being unique and memorable.

Nisce shared that their success is not about how much profit they gain. It is about the impact of their services on people’s lives. As a witness to the hard work and dedication of their fellow Ilocanos like farmers, fisher folks, carpenters and small business owners, they want to help and encourage them engage in productive endeavors that can change their lives.

“We want to make a difference.  Kapag pinautang mo ang isang magsasaka, alam mong mababago nito ang buhay niya. The agricultural loan you will lend a farmer, no matter how big or small, will have a direct impact on his life. Case in point: it will provide him the means needed for an abundant harvest so he could generate more income. From there, he will be able to finance his children’s education and give them a bright future.”

Nisce also emphasized that dependability and relevance of service rendered are how they are able to stay afloat in this fast-changing and competitive environment.

61 years and counting: Next steps for Rang-Ay Bank

How does Rang-Ay Bank plan to sustain its success and continuous progress?

While the institution has established its status as an industry leader, Nisce highlighted that they are still guided with the legacy his father left – to be a reliable countryside bank for the Ilocano people.

With determination in his voice, he said, “At the heart of Rang-Ay bank’s strategic mission is innovation and entrepreneurship. We will continue to innovate with competitive banking services that transform the lives of many.”

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