Connecting the Philippines & U.S. Travel, Trade, & Consumer Markets Together

Asian Journal Launches Multi-City Events Showcasing Tourism, Trade, and Business Opportunities in the USA and Philippines

In an effort to connect the US and Philippine markets together, the Asian Journal, in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and Trade and Industry (DTI), is organizing multi-city “Travel, Trade, and Consumer Roadshows” on August 4-5, 2018 at the Southbay Pavilion Mall in Carson, California.

The Multi-City Travel, Trade, and Consumer Marketing Roadshows (TTC) aim to promote the Philippines and showcase the country’s tourist destinations, culture, food, and local products. These events also intend to propel business-to-business and government-to-business marketing as well as activate brand engagement between businesses and consumers.

Aside from having industry leaders from both the public and private sector such as Secretary of the Department of Tourism, Wanda Teo as keynote speakers, the events will also have lots of food, music, and prizes — a fun festivity not only for Filipino-Americans to enjoy, but also mainstream Americans as well.

“We are greatly looking forward to our Travel, Trade, and Consumer Multi-City Roadshows in 2018. We see this as an incredible opportunity for businesses both in the USA and Philippines to connect not only with our core audience, the fast growing, prosperous Filipino-American market, but also the mainstream American market based in Los Angeles and Orange County through our event at the Southbay Pavilion Mall in Carson, California which is the destination for 2.5 million Americans in the greater Los Angeles region.”

Southbay Pavilion Mall, Carson, California. The shopping destination of 2.5 million Americans in the greater Los Angeles County Region

Further, Mr. Oriel said, “With TTC, we are providing our clients with yet another unique, cost efficient opportunity to further grow their business. And we strongly believe that providing the public and private sector with the opportunity to network together face-to-face will prove to be significantly beneficial and productive for ultimately the betterment of society.”

The Asian Journal Media Group, now on its 27th year in business, is a leading Filipino multimedia agency serving the global Filipino industry. Asian Journal publishes over 7 million weekly community newspapers annually in the USA from California, Nevada, New York, to New Jersey. In addition to this, the Asian Journal also publishes a quarterly magazine that is distributed in 60 countries and 101 cities throughout the world.

Collaborative Efforts
In addition to the support from the Department of Tourism and Department of Trade and Industry, TTC is also proudly in collaboration with E.C. Ferrer Customs House Broker, Inc., American Container Line, Inc., the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA, and Planet63.

E.C. Ferrer Customs House Broker, Inc.
E.C. Ferrer CHB, Inc. is a licensed Custom House Broker, a licensed Freight Forwarder (Ocean Transportation Intermediary), and a Licensed Property Broker for Interstate or foreign commerce in the transportation of freight by motor vehicle. E.C. Ferrer CHB, Inc. started operation in 1985 and evolved through the years to provide a logistic global package solution in the movement of cargo from origin to destination in solid partnership with worldwide reliable and trusted transportation agents and associates.

PANGASINAN BROTHERHOOD-USA  is the avenue for intelligent participation by Pangasinenses in the affairs of their community, state and nation both in the USA and abroad. The association provides people with the opportunity for personal growth and achievements and to develop true friendship. The Brotherhood vigorously works for progress to raise the quality of life in the thriving cities and towns of the province of Pangasinan in general, and helps to preserve and promote its people’s unique culture, tradition and practices, thereby making the Brotherhood a positive agent of change and prosperity.

Planet63 is an international trade management and marketing company that specializes in Sourcing, Shipping, and Selling Philippine products to the United States and the rest of the world. Planet63 provides a full continuum of services to Philippine manufacturers looking to create a market presence in the United States and to global buyers who are looking for Philippine products to sell. Planet63 also consults with Philippine manufacturers in how to market and ship their products into the United States of America and beyond. Due to the business network that they have created with the Philippine’s trade agencies and American trade agencies have enabled them to be effective in facilitating trade transactions between business entities in the respective countries.

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