Report: Where Does the Philippines Rank in the World?

2016 BEST COUNTRIES: The Philippines stands at the 33rd spot

“The land of beautiful beaches and abundant biodiversity has long been plagued by political instability, but its resilient economy continues to improve and push ahead of others in the region.” —The Philippines, as described by Best Countries Rankings 2016

Of more than one hundred countries that is home to diverse people and culture across the globe, the Philippines is among the best countries to live in, according to a study.

Based on a research conducted by the U.S. News & World Report, together with BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Philippines ranked 33rd in its overall Best Countries in 2016 list.

According to U.S. News, the Best Countries is “a rankings, news and analysis project created to capture how countries are perceived on a global scale.”

With more than 16,000 global citizens as poll respondents, countries were measured based on attributes grouped into the following categories: Adventure, Citizenship, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Movers, Open for Business, Power and Quality of Life.


In the Adventure category, countries were ranked based on how it could “fulfill your wanderlust.”

The Philippines ranked 17th overall in this category—scoring 2.7 in Fun, 5.7 in Scenic, 5.3 in Pleasant climate, 5.1 in Friendly, and 2.2 in Sexy. The top five countries in this category include Brazil, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and New Zealand.


Meanwhile, “progressive, inclusive countries brimming with social capital” were ranked in the Citizenship category. The Philippines ranked 38th and with the following scores: 0.5 in Respects property rights, 0.4 in Progressive, 0.3 in Trustworthy, 1 in Gender equality, 0.1 in Well-distributed political power, 0.7 in Cares about the environment, 0.6 in Cares about human rights, and 1.8 in Religious freedom. Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, and Australia are the best countries in this category.


The Philippines ranked as 38th in this list of countries that are “cutting-edge centers of art, entertainment and fashion,” with the scores of: 0.3 in Prestigious, 2.2 Culturally significant in terms of entertainment, 0.4 in Fashionable, 0.5 in Trendy, 0.2 in Modern, 0.8 in Has an influential culture, and 2.7 in Happy. Topping in this list were France, Italy, United States, Spain, and United Kingdom.


“Innovation flourishes” and “enterprising citizens have a startup mentality” in the countries included in this list. In the Entrepreneurship category, the Philippines ranked as 33rd and scored 1.8 in Provides easy access to capital, 0.3 in Well-developed infrastructure, 0.3 in Transparent business practices, 0.5 in Educated population, 2.3 in Skilled labor force, 1.2 in Entrepreneurial, 2.1 in Connected to the rest of the world, 0.5 Innovative, 0.5 in Technological expertise,  and 0.2 in Well-developed legal framework. The top five are Germany, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


In the Heritage category, countries are ranked based on its “deep vein of history.” Ranking as 40th, the Philippines scored 2.4 in Culturally accessible, 1.6 in Many cultural attractions, 0.8 in Has a rich history, and 1.8 in Has great food. The best five countries are Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Mexico.


“Up-and-coming economies” were ranked in this category, with the Philippines as 23rd overall. The Philippines scored 3.9 in Distinctive, 6.6 in Different, 3.5 in Unique, and 1 in Dynamic. Dominating this list are India, Singapore, China, Thailand, and Japan.


This list ranks the “top market-oriented countries” that are “haven for capitalists and corporations.” The Philippines scored 6.6 in Corrupt, 3.4 in Favorable tax environment, 1.5 in Bureaucratic, 0.4 in Transparent government practices, 9.4 in Cheap manufacturing costs—ranking 16th overall. Best countries in this category include Luxembourg, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, and Panama


A country’s power to “project their influence on the world stage” are measured in this category. Ranking as 50th, the Philippine obtained the following scores: 0.4 in Strong military, 0.3 in Strong international alliances, 0.4 in Economically influential, 0.2 in Politically influential, and 0.3 in A leader. Conquering the top spot are United States, Russia, China, Germany, and United Kingdom.


The Quality of Life category lists the best countries that “treat their citizens well.” The Philippines fared well in this category, ranking as 27th with the scores in the following attributes: 0.3 in Economically stable, 1.3 in A good job market, 9.5 in Affordable, 0.6 in Safe, 0.5 in Politically stable, 2.4  in Family friendly, 0.4 in Well-developed public education system, 0.3 in Well-developed public health system, and 0.5 in Income equality.  Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and Netherlands topped the category.

Furthermore, the Philippines was also recognized as the 33rd in Best Countries to Headquarter a Corporation, Best Countries to Study Abroad, and Best Countries for Raising Kids.

The Philippines also ranked 47th in Most Transparent Countries; 25th in Best Countries to Travel Alone; 41st in Best Countries for Women; 18th in Best Countries to Invest in; and 3rd in Best Countries to Start a Business.

Overall, the Best Countries has 60 nations in list, topped by Germany, the “most populous nation in the European Union” that “possesses one of the largest economies in the world and has seen its role in the international community grow steadily since reunification.”

It was followed by Canada, a “high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living,” and United Kingdom, a “highly developed nation that exerts considerable economic, political, scientific and cultural influence internationally.”

According to the U.S. News, the 60 countries in the 2016 Best Countries rankings are the only countries whose achievements reached the following benchmarks:

  • The United Nation’s top 100 countries in terms of 2013 gross domestic product;
  • The World Bank’s top 100 countries in terms of 2012 international tourist arrivals;
  • The top 100 countries in terms of foreign direct investment inflows from the United Nation’s 2013 World Investment Report; and
  • The top 150 countries of the United Nation’s 2014 Human Development Index.
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