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“Beautifying women is my mission, seeing perfect eyebrows as my inspiration!“
Klarisse Tabao, owner and founder of the eyebrowdery has been a beauty and fashion enthusiast ever since she was a child. She studied Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Lips Embroidery at the Aesthetics International Academy in Singapore. Licensed abroad, she conducts the makeup embroidery procedures to the clients herself. Klarisse travels outside the country every now and then to study and expand her knowledge in beauty and makeup innovation.

Wake Up with Makeup
As ladies, we always want to keep ourselves pretty—not because we want to impress people around us (although sometimes this case is true) but primarily, it’s because we just want to be our best.

When it comes to enhancing our looks, applying cosmetics is one of the strategies we’ve been generally practicing. Nevertheless, our beauty preparation is often time-consuming–and it’s really a dilemma whenever we find ourselves under a tight schedule. Adding up the unpredictable weather, our face might look more of a mess than a masterpiece under the scorching heat or sudden rainfall.

With these inconveniences before us, Klarisse Tabao, founder of The Eyebrowdery, introduces us the newest makeup and beauty innovation—the 3D makeup embroidery that will certainly unload the daily hassle off our shoulders.

It’s Semi-permanent
Makeup embroidery is a micro-needling beauty process that has become known in fashion forward countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the United States, and Singapore.

In makeup embroidery, you enjoy an enhanced natural look without the trouble of daily prepara- tion and regular retouching. Unlike cosmetic tattooing, this beauty innovation uses vegetable pigment that will fade over years.

“The difference between a makeup tattoo and makeup embroidery is that, in makeup embroidery, we use vegetable dye. Vegetable dye does not discolor to blue, green, or red. It lasts for about three to ve years,” Klarisse explained.

“That’s why our clients like it because as you age, your skin is going to sag. Of course you don’t want your tattoo to sag along with your skin as you get older.”

The materials come from natural plant extracts, Klarisse af rmed it’s very friendly and good for the skin.

“It has no side effects. Unlike the tattoo that can cause your skin to bloat after a few years—this has none.”

But to really make sure whether you’re allergic to it or not, patch tests are conducted before embroidery procedures.

“It saves me time and effort everyday. I just love it.” —Ashley Rivera “Petra Mahalimuyak” Celebrity DJ, Actress and YouTube sensation

Perfect Eyebrows
Not all people are blessed with perfect eyebrows. In fact, most of us get crazy and spend hours in front of the mirror just to achieve the right arch. As the name suggests, The Eyebrowdery’s main service is all about giving you your desired perfect eyebrows without the need of a bulky cosmetic kit.

“First we look at the client’s face. Then we check our client’s health history thoroughly to know if it’s okay for them to proceed or if they should consider not doing it anymore,” Klarisse said.

Once approved, pictures will be taken so their customers can compare their looks before and after.

“And then we’ll measure the face. If you want your eyebrows higher or if you want it to be just simply straight, we’ll do what you requested from us. Although we would also recommend what we think is best for you,” Klarisse expressed.

“Our client has to approve our drawing first because it’s not going to be on our faces. It’s going to be on your face. So you really have to like what you see in front of the mirror.”

When everything is settled, that’s when they’ll do the pigment process. A single operation takes around two hours and since eyebrow fashion tends to change every now and then, makeup embroidery makes it more convenient for clients who prefer to follow the latest trends.

More Beauty Services
Next to Eyebrow embroidery, most of their customers avail Lip embroidery service. In Lip embroidery, your lips are toned up to a more natural pinkish color.

The Eyebrowdery also conducts Eyeliner Embroidery, Nipple Embroidery, and Mole Embroidery
Additionally, they offer Lashtension, Eyebrow Tinting, and Eyelash Perming. They also offer minor services such as Threadings, Nail services, Spa, and Hot Wax services. Operating hours is from 10am to 9pm, Mondays to Sundays.

Franchising Opportunities
Interested entrepreneurs can franchise The Embroidery for P400,000. This is inclusive of both skills support and services support. The total franchise cost is 2 million–inclusive of office construction, operation materials, and other expenses related to the business system.

For service inquiry and franchising opportunities, you can call 751-7236 or 09166317433, or send a message to or Visit us at Unit 201 Fox Square Building 53 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills 1502 San Juan City Philippines or check our website at

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