Taking A Leap From Employee To Entrepreneur

Being a cog in a corporate world is not bad at all, especially if it helps you provide your necessities. But if repetitively doing your job is making you feel sick, do not think you are losing your sanity. It is normal to question the worth of being stuck in the cycle of your work and feeling like a mediocre. You may be needing a fresh air to breathe in and to weigh things up.

Overworking can make you disinterested on the work routine you’ve been executing for some time. You can try resting for a while to bring back the fire of your passion or work for another company to try something new. But if these weren’t still enough to satisfy your inner self, the world of entrepreneurship is maybe calling you. Taking this high leap, however, is not as easy as closing the door of a room and opening another one.

01 Turn your passions, skills, and values into a business plan
After tracing the roots of your doubts and arriving at a conclusion that you want to venture in entrepreneurship, you should figure out what business you want to start. This is a perilous decision-making that needs to be resolved with intensive contemplation. Do not pressure yourself and take your time.

In an article of Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneurs Justin Lafazan and Geoff Woods enumerated the factors that should be considered in identifying what you were born to do. According to them, your passions, skills, and values will drive you to the right path. Zhel Enriquez, owner of the successful online shop Buy & Zhel, strengthened this claim in an interview by saying, “You should have a passion for what you are doing.”

Following your final business choice are the chunks of other essential elements that will make your business function including your products, delivery system, and medium of your business.

02 Your capital is your foundation
It looks like you have a fascinating plan for your future business, but halt! Have you not forgotten to consider the cost? Although you want to put it aside and just smoothly continue with your dream, it will remain a dream without enough capital.

Entrepreneur and Marketer Sujan Patel of Entrepreneur suggested starting your business on a small scale, testing the possible outcome of your plans. It is also a good idea if you are still holding on your job as an employee and just want to try your luck in entrepreneurship.

03 Your mindset dictates your success
Shifting from being an employee to an entrepreneur will require you an array of adjustments, particularly on your mindset. Your thoughts and outlooks will determine your prosperity and since you are your own boss in entrepreneurship, you need to be mentally tougher than those times you have someone at your back.

Your strength will first be tested in starting your business without any idea on how it will go.

“Don’t let fear stop you from taking risks,” Enriquez advised. She continued by sharing her motivational mentality, “I’m a risk taker. I love challenge. I love going out of my comfort zone. Whether I fail or succeed, it’s fine. After all the failures, I know that I will learn a lot of things that can help me grow personally as well as my business. I don’t want to think of the ‘what ifs’ so I take risks, but of course, you need to think hundred times before you decide.”

04 Expanding your business
Expanding your business is another difficult stage of entrepreneurship that you have to face with enough wisdom. Seeking help from successful entrepreneurs does not lower integrity, but helps in leveling up the status of your business.

The famous saying “customer is always right” is based on the reality that your business continuously run through the support of your customers. Without them, you will definitely fail. This is why the demands of the customers or clients should always be addressed. Another relationship you have to sustain is your connection with your suppliers. They are also vital parts of your success.

Alongside with these commitments, Zhel Enriquez stressed the importance of having time and patience. You need to acknowledge all inquiries of customers and clients despite their inconsistency in dealing with you.

Another way to expand your business is through marketing. Now that social media has been a powerful tool in influencing its users, you can take advantage of it by posting your products.

Time is running and together with it are changes you cannot control. You need to go with the flow so you will not be left behind. You need to develop and if you think you can achieve self-development by taking a risk in entrepreneurship, go on and try it with boldness.

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