Small business ideas to invest in for your loved ones in the Philippines

For most of us, summer means taking a break from school or from your job. But for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, every season is a perfect opportunity for every business, and for this summer, we have compiled small business ideas or jobs perfect for the summer.

Aside from making money, starting a summer business/job can help you gain valuable experience and learn soft skills such as leadership, commitment and dedication. So it’s definitely worth a shot.

Food or Beverages Stall
We know all too well how hot it can get in the Philippines when summertime approaches. Take advantage of the heat by venturing into a food/beverage business. Some summer food/ beverage Filipinos so dearly love include halo-halo, homemade ice-cream, ice-candy, shakes, sago’t-gulaman, mais con yelo and buko juice.

Pet Caretaker 
During summertime, families will most probably be out for vacations and their pets will be left alone in their homes. For pet lovers, this might be a good opportunity to earn extra money by taking care of dogs or cats. Basically, what you’ll do is simply feed, groom, play or walk them around, and clean after when they pee or poop.

eBook Writer
You don’t have to have an English or Creative Writing degree to write an eBook. Of course that helps, but as long as you have good command of English, are passionate, creative, and patient, you could be an eBook writer. There are several outlets for aspiring eBook writers, just like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There are some writers who, after publishing their materials online, have secured deals from prominent publishing houses. You could start by improving a material that you already have.

Ice Maker
This is one of the easiest business ideas that you could think of since ice is indispensable,
especially during summer. Given that you already have a freezer at home, you will only need to buy a container for the ice. To accommodate more, you could buy a chest freezer.

Virtual Assistant 
Want to hone your skills while earning while just using your desktop/laptop? Virtual assistance is a good idea. Filipino virtual assistants are of high demand today. First timers earn from P18,000 to 35,000 pesos per month.

Fashion Retailer
Summer is the time where people want to look fashionably cool. Buy swimsuits, sunglasses, colorful tops and beach shorts in wholesale to get discounts and sell them at lower prices compared to malls. Don’t forget to promote it on your social media accounts for an added potential customer reach. Also, if you have a relative or friend from abroad, you could ask them to ship fashionable finds at significant lower prices and have them shipped over to the Philippines.

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