Don’t Just Ask Why, Ask When To Buy

Knowing when to buy what you need is of great help when trying to save cash. Since sales have their own cycles throughout the year, buying certain products in their seasons can slash your bill into quarter. The market tends to anticipate the nature of people when it comes to buying during holidays and other events. Thinking the same way as them and long-term planning on when to shop can help you cop your wants with great discount. Below is a cheat sheet for the best time of the year to buy everything.

1st Quarter: January, February, March
Everyone’s new year resolution is to lose weight, hence the price cuts on fitness equipment. Gym memberships are also fairly cheap during the start of the year because people would want to reduce the calories they consumed during Christmas. With the holidays over, clothing and shoes that weren’t sold be-fore Christmas also goes on sale.

If you’re willing to wait until after February 14th to give something to your loved ones, chocolates and flowers are cheaper right after Valentines’ Day. Also, retailers continue to discount select electronics and video games released during the gift-giving frenzy.

Since March is in between vacation seasons like Christmas and summer, shops are dropping prices for luggages and anything beach-related. Grab any extra bags you might need for the summer during this month.

2nd Quarter: April, May, June
Umbrella and raincoats are the least needed when everyone wants to enjoy the sun in April. Since it’s off-season, prices for these are lower than during rainy days.

May being the back-to-school season causes suppliers to compete on who can sell cheaper school items like notebooks, gadgets or laptops. Also, swimsuits and beach necessities are low-priced as retailers clear out their inventory. Prices of hotels in beaches and renting swimming pools also decrease as the rainy season starts.

Tourism is at its lowest because of the rainy season in June, hence prices for airfare and hotels drop. You’ll have to brave the rainy season which can be intense, but at least your ticket is cheap. As the weather becomes cooler, air conditioners’ prices decrease as well. On the other hand, tools and other gifts for men are also on sale because of Fathers’ Day. While also being the season for weddings, expect discounts on home decor and dinnerware.

3rd Quarter: July, August, September
July and August are perfect for booking beach vacation packages. It’s off-season and off-peak, ideal for those who want to take a break without breaking the bank. It’s also the season for some fruits like avocado, guava, durian, lanzones and guyabano.

September is harvest time for wine, which means it’s the best time to stock up. Holidays are also ap-proaching and it’s just the right time to buy home decor and also appliances.

4th Quarter: October, November, December
During this time, people are making sure they have all the tools they need for holiday cooking, so re-tailers mark down kitchenware. Candies and flowers’ prices are also reduced for Halloween and Souls’ Day.

Immediately after Christmas is the best time to buy apparel and jewelry since businesses try to clear space for new stocks. Great discounts for cars and houses also come up to make way for new models that will be released and to take advantage of OFWs returning home.

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