All for the love of coffee at the MAFBEX 2019 Brew District

Coffee is one of the world’s most well-loved beverages and for good reason. Aside from giving people the extra jolt they need to get through the day’s work or simply a moment to relax and recollect one’s self, coffee is also packed with a lot of health benefits when consumed in moderation. In honor of this iconic and versatile drink, the 13th Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) which is set to return this June, is thrilled to present a new addition to its roster of event highlights.Aptly named the Brew District Pavilion, an area inside MAFBEX 2019 will be dedicated to gathering various coffee brands, providers, manufacturers, and everyone else in between in an effort to empower the country’s burgeoning coffee industry. As remarked by Pacita Juan, the President & Co-Chair of Philippine Coffee Board, Inc., “We are grateful for the support the Philippine coffee industry receives from Manila Food and Beverage Expo. We hope that many more businesses are borne out of this exposition which will further promote and bolster the Philippine coffee industry’’

More than just promoting the local coffee industry, MAFBEX 2019 also seeks to nurture Filipinos’ love for coffee by providing them with an enjoyable venue where they could explore various types of coffee drinks and products. Though still in its pilot stage, the Brew District pavilion already boasts of a diverse product and brand profile.

Discover fresh-roasted beans and drip-on coffee from Japan

Key Coffee by Booster Foods Inc.

Long before the “third wave” coffee culture trend, Key Coffee has since been committed to providing the best tasting coffee by employing decades-long practices and the best in Japanese coffee technology. As one of Japan’s oldest and most-respected coffee brands, Key Coffee is responsible for elevating coffee culture among the Japanese with its fine coffee products such as drip-on coffee, fresh roasted beans, and instant coffee.


Get a taste of coffee from Allegro Beverage

Allegro Beverage

A leading distributor of fine espresso machines, brewers, coffee beans, syrups, sauces and teas from Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Ceylon, the Netherlands, and the United States, Allegro products cater to hotels, casinos, culinary and educational institutions, restaurants, cafés, and franchise chains. Allegro also offers office coffee solutions such as one-stop coffee stations as well as coffee appreciation programs and espresso based coffee and coffee bar hosting.



Find out the Australia’s favorite coffee brands at MAFBEX 2019

Robert Timms

One of Australia’s first coffee companies, Robert Timms has been innovating upon coffee for 60 years now. With its wide range of products which include coffee bags, coffee beans, instant coffee, flavored syrups, merchandise and accessories, vending, roast and grounds, and wholesale goods, it is no wonder that Robert Timms remains to be Australia’s favorite coffee brands.

Excite your tastebuds with Mr. Brown Coffee at MAFBEX 2019

Mr. Brown Coffee

Established in 1998, Mr. Brown Café (Mr. Brown Coffee Co., Ltd.) serves freshly roasted, single varietal Arabica coffee beans from only the finest coffee plantations. Positioning itself as a high-quality coffee provider, Mr. Brown Café takes pride in serving coffee with a rich flavor and an aftertaste that’s characterized by a slight hint of wine-like sourness as well as an elegant floral fruity aroma. Recently, Mr. Brown has also begun introducing artisanal coffee to keep up with market trends.

Experience Italy’s LoRe coffe selections at MAFBEX 2019.

LoRe Coffe

Having been in the coffee market for over half a century now, Dakri S.R.L. aims at producing top quality coffee with its LoRe Coffe brand without compromising the environment and in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. Among LoRe Coffee’s products include LoRe Coffe beans in “Red Mixture” with aromas of toast, nuts, and spices; “Orange” Mixture which features citrus and spices; the “Dakri” Mixture with hints of citrus and aromatic herbs; as well as LoRe Coffe high-quality espresso pods.

Organized by Worldbex Services International, MAFBEX 2019: Experience the Fusion is happening on June 12 to 16, from 10:00am to 8:00pm at the World Trade Center Manila. Entrance tickets is priced at P100. For more information, visit or follow @mafbex on Facebook and on Instagram.

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