Monde M.Y. San: Taste of Success

Everyone loves biscuits and crackers—they are simple pleasures that make everyday more of a treat. One of the best things about these pastries is their versatility; they can be sweet, savory, or buttery, easily catering to people’s preferred tastes. In the Philippines, a pioneering giant of the biscuit and cracker industry has been delivering oven-fresh, world-class baked goods that makes Filipinos enjoy the snack even more.

Monde M.Y. San is a household name in the country. It has been in the business of baking a wide assortment of crackers and biscuits since 1935. Founded by Mar Chew, he established the Escolta Ice Cream Parlor in Manila with his family and steadily achieved success in the ice cream and bakery business. Soon, it became M.Y. San Biscuits Inc. In 2001, Monde Nissin, a diversified food company controlled by Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur Betty Ang, acquired M.Y. San and renamed it Monde M.Y. San.

Monde M.Y. San’s flagship brands are Fita crackers and SkyFlakes crackers—both of which are thoroughly enjoyed by consumers through many generations. Fita is known and loved by Filipinos for its perfectly blended sweet and salty flavor, making it the perfect afternoon snack to munch on. It has other variations like Fita Spreadz Spicy Tuna, Fita Spreadz Bacon, Fita Spreadz Cheese, Fita Spreadz Lemon, Fita Spreadz Chocolate, Fita Spreadz Strawberry, Fita Thinz Original and Fita Thinz Hot & Tangy to bring out the zest in snacking.

SkyFlakes, on the other hand, continues to be the number one undisputed cracker brand in the country since its inception in the 1960’s. Popularly known for its crisp taste and retention of oven-baked freshness, it is the ideal snack to treat hunger pangs and sate appetite between meals. It is the only Filipino cracker brand to merit the superbrands seal for market dominance, consumer trust, customer loyalty, brand longevity, and overall market acceptancy.

People can also enjoy the SkyFlakes many flavors like SkyFlakes Cracker Sandwich Condensada – inspired by the classic Filipino spread condensed milk, SkyFlakes Cracker Sandwich Tsokolate – crackers filled with rich chocolate filling, SkyFlakes Cracker Sandwich Mantikilya, SkyFlakes Cheese – crackers made more exciting with the classic flavor of cheese, SkyFlakes Onion and SkyFlakes Garlic – crackers with an added burst of garlic to spice up the usual snack experience. It also has healthy options for the health conscious: the SkyFlakes Fit Oat Fiber and SkyFlakes Fit Omega-3.

From its humble beginnings as an ice cream parlor, Monde M.Y. San has grown into a snack food giant that brought delectably wholesome baked goods into the new age. Its high standards for quality and use of select ingredients to deliver freshly-baked goodness have earned the company numerous awards and recognition for its brands, as well as the love and preference of Filipinos and even various international markets.

Monde M.Y. San’s constant innovation partnered with relentless quality assurance, driven by state-of-the-art baking facilities and stellar personnel are truly what makes it the most respected and successful cracker and biscuit manufacturer in the Philippines.

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