Easy and Delicious Ways to Use Mango

The Philippine mango is the most produced fruit crop in the country, next to banana and pineapple. You can find them anywhere: the streets, the stores, and if you’re lucky, growing right outside your door. There are countless ways we can incorporate mango into a dish, but we have made a list of the easiest but incredibly delicious ways to use mango.

01 Mango float
The classic, easy-to-make, refrigerator cake is the perfect dish anyone from amateur cooks to experienced chefs can create with minimal effort and maximum reward. The mango float mainly consists of graham crackers, all purpose crème, condensed milk, and mango layered over and over. Feel free to add your own twist by adding more fruits or different flavors like cinnamon or chocolate.

02 Mango sago

The mango sago is an uncomplicated dish that is an undeniably mouthwatering combination of sweet, diced mangoes, coconut milk, dairy or plant based milk, tapioca balls, and sugar. This refreshing treat is best served cold so, don’t forget to pop it in the fridge!

03 Green mango with bagoong
A popular street food in the Philippines is green mango with bagoong or shrimp paste. The sourness of the mango and saltiness of the bagoong make an interesting clash of flavors that will definitely make you crave more.

You can also try green mango with:
01 Salt
02 Soy sauce and sugar
03 Soy sauce, sugar, and red chili 

04 Mango salsa
A Filipino spin on the famous Mexican dip and condiment. Throwing in a Philippine mango in the usual mix of tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, vinegar, fish sauce, and oil will satisfy your craving for a Filipino twist.

05 Green mango and tomato salad

Flavor and texture come to play in this much loved Filipino salad. The crisp, sour mango, plump tomatoes, pungent onions, fresh cilantro, and sweet and salty vinegar and fish sauce create a zesty explosion in the mouth that yell out Filipino flavor!

06 Mango ice candy
This delightful frozen snack is simple enough to invite the children over to the kitchen for some productive fun. Grab a big bowl and combine mashed ripe mangoes, evaporated milk, condensed milk, water, and a sweetener of choice and place them in ice candy cellophane wrapper or a mold before popping it in the freezer until completely frozen.

07 Mango sticky rice
This Thai inspired dish is made up of only mango, glutinous rice (sweet rice), coconut milk, coconut crème, salt, and sugar. Pandan leaves may be added as a garnish for an extra local touch.

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