Beyond Unbeatable Steaks

Whenever we hear ‘Outback,’ the first thing that always comes to our mind would be steaks. But beyond this Australian-inspired restaurant is an unparalleled dining experience and a story of fun and success.

Setting foot in the Philippines
Outback Steakhouse has been operating in the country since 1997. In the year 2010, Prasoon Mukherjee, Chairman of Outback Southeast Asia (SEA), acquired the franchise from the Bistro Group. In addition to the original branches – Glorietta, Eastwood and Alabang – a 170-seater restaurant in Bluebay Walk along Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City was opened in 2014.

But what really keeps us coming back to Outback Steakhouse? There’s no better person to answer this question than Outback’s SEA Chairman himself; and Balikbayan Magazine is privileged to have a small talk with him.

Good Food, Good Price
These were the words Mukherjee used to describe the restaurant. “You get the Morton’s Steakhouse’s steak when you eat in Outback Steakhouse. You spend $100 in Morton’s, whereas you only spend $10 here and you get the same high quality beef,” he said when asked about what’s the best part of the restaurant.

If you’re wondering about their steak, they only buy high quality grain-fed beef from pre-approved beef purveyors. All Outback steaks are hand-trimmed and aged up to 27 days for tenderness.

While the menu in the Philippines is similar with Outback international, they have added smaller sizes like 8 oz. to accommodate the appetite of every Filipino.

Fun Dining Experience with the Entire Family
Unlike other steak house with dark and heavy ambiance, it’s the other way in Outback Steakhouse. As you enter the restaurant, you can embrace a casual atmosphere that would even make you feel like you’re right there in the Australian Outback. But what’s more important is the restaurant is absolutely suitable for families and the younger crowd.

“This is the restaurant where you can bring your mother or grandmother for a treat. You can come with your husband or fiancée or take your kids for dinner. We cater all categories of family – that’s what we are. We are not a high profile, fusion, expensive restaurant. People can come to our restaurant every day,” Mukherjee added.

Focused Customer Service
If you’re one of those guests who often complains about sluggish service from restaurant staff, well, you won’t have to worry when you dine at Outback. Aside from sumptuous dishes and laidback interior, they are proud to provide a superb customer service.

“Whether in the Philippines, Singapore, or any store, we have a 3-table station policy. One (1) waiter looks after three (3) tables only. He does not look after more than that so I [we really have a] focused service.”

The Concept of Sharing
Beyond filling the tummy with yummy food, here’s an amazing fact to make us love more our favorite restaurant. Outback Steakhouse shares it success with its people. Every manager is an individual proprietor. Their restaurant managers are called ‘managing partners’ while operations manager who handles specific area are called ‘operating partners.’ With the term itself, Outback has a high regard for its people and they value their contribution to the company. Also, every operating level of the company is a shareholder of the business.

Besides this concept, Outback Steakhouse also partners with charitable institutions.

“Giving part is the whole of Universal Success but sharing success with your people is the core of Outback Steakhouse.”

The next time you’re craving for good food and want to have fun with your loved ones, there’s no doubt that Outback Steakhouse should be your destination.

Nadj Villaver

Nadtja Villaver is a marketing lady by day, writer by night. She writes about travel, food, lifestyle, and business. She has written and edited for various publications. At present, she's finishing her Masters of Arts in Journalism at the University of the Philippines - Diliman Campus and hopes to finish by the year 2019. In addition to writing for Balikbayan Magazine, she provides content and copywriting services to various clients and works on her own blog. When she isn't busy, she treats herself with good food or an awesome vacation.

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